• May 4, 2004  

    A New York jury convicted former Credit Suisse First Boston banker Frank Quattrone of obstructing a 2000 government investigation into how initial public offerings were allocated. Ray Suarez discusses the case and its outcome with New York Times business reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin and former federal prosecutor Zachary Carter. Continue reading

  • April 30, 2004  

    Google, the Web search engine so popular its name became a verb, announced an Initial Public Offering and said it would sell its stock through an innovative Internet auction. Spencer Michels looks at this latest move. Ray Suarez follows up with Charlene Li, a technology and media marketing analyst for Forrester Research. Continue reading

  • April 29, 2004  

    The Commerce Department reported today that American gross domestic product grew by an annual percentage rate of 4.2 in the first quarter of this year. Ray Suarez gets regional perspectives. Continue reading

  • April 28, 2004   BY  

    Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable operator, withdrew its unsolicited multibillion-dollar offer to buy Walt Disney Co. Wednesday after the entertainment conglomerate refused to discuss a possible deal. Continue reading

  • April 27, 2004   BY  

    The World Trade Organization handed Brazil a key victory Monday when the international body ruled against the United States and its subsidies to cotton farmers. Continue reading

  • April 26, 2004  

    President Bush and Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts spoke of jobs and the economy today. Continue reading

  • April 23, 2004   BY  

    President Bush cleared the way for U.S. companies to do business with Libya by easing Reagan-era economic sanctions Friday after the North African nation gave up its weapons of mass destruction programs last year. Continue reading

  • April 22, 2004  

    From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, the buzz is that Internet search engine Google is soon to issue stock and go public. Spencer Michels reports. Continue reading

  • April 19, 2004  

    Leaders of the industrial world met in Florida earlier this year to discuss international finances and exchange rates. Paul Solman reports from New York on the effects of the fall of the U.S. dollar against other currencies, the biggest currency trend of the past year. Continue reading

  • April 15, 2004  

    Paul Solman looks at how the tax system impacts low-income Americans. Continue reading