• August 6, 2004  

    The New York Times’ David Brooks and Boston Globe columnist Tom Oliphant assess the political ramifications of the latest unemployment numbers as well as this week’s terror alert. Continue reading

  • August 6, 2004  

    The latest employment numbers indicated that job growth continues to trail behind the growth of the overall economy. These statistics have caused some to question the strength of the economic recovery. Two economists assess the situation. Continue reading

  • August 5, 2004  

    The International Monetary Fund has intervened in dozens of economic crises in the past decade and its help has drawn both praise and criticism. Paul Solman speaks with Rodrigo de Rato y Figaredo, managing director of the IMF, about the issues facing his organization. Continue reading

  • August 2, 2004  

    The U.S. government disclosed intelligence Monday that suggests specific financial institutions may be the targets of planned al-Qaida attacks. Monday’s warning is the first intelligence on specific targets the U.S. government has released to the public since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Continue reading

  • August 2, 2004  

    Ray Suarez discusses the possible implications of an attack on an American financial institution with Blake Coppotelli, managing director at the risk consulting firm Kroll, and Jim Browning, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

  • July 27, 2004  

    Although Democrats are stressing their unity during this week’s convention, wings of the party have vastly different plans for how to improve the economy, expand access to health care and create higher-paying jobs. Continue reading

  • July 26, 2004  

    Economics correspondent Paul Solman takes a tour of Boston with Kerry economic adviser Laura Tyson to explore the practical impact of the Democratic nominee’s plan. Continue reading

  • July 21, 2004  

    Microsoft announced it would return up to $75 billion to its shareholders in what may be the largest cash disbursement in corporate history. The software giant said the payout would come in a combination of dividends and stock buybacks. Jeffrey Brown and experts discuss Microsoft’s announcement. Continue reading

  • July 21, 2004  

    Away from combat zones, some U.S. military enlistees have become targets of schemes to sell them expensive life-insurance policies. A discussion with New York Times reporter Diana Henriques about her two-part series investigating the scams. Continue reading

  • July 16, 2004  

    A federal judge sentenced home design guru Martha Stewart on Friday to five months in prison and two years probation after a jury convicted the former CEO of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators about a stock deal. Ray Suarez discusses the decision. Continue reading