• November 23, 2004  

    Fred de Sam Lazaro of Twin Cities Public Television looks at the debate over abstinence-only sex education programs in schools. Continue reading

  • November 17, 2004  

    Margaret Warner leads a discussion with two education policy experts, about the nomination of Margaret Spellings to replace Rod Paige as the secretary of education. Continue reading

  • September 7, 2004  

    Air pollution is difficult to track and prevent because plumes of impurities that originate in one country can drift half a world away, ultimately affecting the climate and human health on different continents. Betty Ann Bowser looks at global efforts to overcome geopolitical hurdles in clearing the air. Continue reading

  • August 24, 2004  

    Jeffrey Brown examines whether Americans are reading enough in a conversation with Dana Gioia, head of the National Endowment for the Arts. Continue reading

  • August 18, 2004  

    The American Federation of Teachers released an analysis this week of a Department of Education study, which found that fourth-grade students in public schools are more proficient in reading and math than their counterparts in privately run charter schools. Two experts give their perspective on the analysis. Continue reading

  • August 17, 2004  

    The St. Louis School District turned to a New York firm for help after an audit revealed it was spending around 40 percent more than the national average per pupil and only 5 percent of its high-school juniors could read at a proficient level. John Merrow examines the experiment to allow a private firm to run its public schools. Continue reading

  • July 19, 2004  

    Decreased funding has caused many public schools across the nation to struggle to stay afloat. Spencer Michels reports on the detrimental effect budget cutbacks have on schools located in lower income areas in California. Continue reading

  • June 24, 2004  

    Graduate programs at several U.S. universities have seen a considerable decline in the number of applications from foreign students after stricter post-9/11 regulations for student visas were enforced. Betty Ann Bowser examines the impact at some Colorado universities. Continue reading

  • June 22, 2004  

    What does it take to get into a top liberal arts college? Education correspondent John Merrow takes a behind-the-scenes look at the admissions process at Amherst College. Continue reading

  • June 14, 2004  

    The Supreme Court refused to remove the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, rejecting a California atheist’s right to sue his daughter’s school district because he does not have exclusive custody of the child. Margaret Warner discusses the decision with National Law Journal Washington bureau chief Marcia Coyle. Continue reading