• Photo by Chris Carlson/AP Photo
    June 23, 2014   BY Mark Sherman, Associated Press 

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday placed limits on the sole Obama administration program already in place to deal with power plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for global warming.

    The justices said that the Environmental Protection Agency lacks authority in some cases to force companies to evaluate ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This rule applies when a company needs a permit to expand facilities or build new ones that would increase overall pollution. Carbon dioxide is the chief gas linked to global warming. Continue reading

  • NOGALES, AZ - JUNE 18:  Boys await medical appointments in a holding area where hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center on June 18, 2014, in Nogales, Arizona.  Brownsville, Texas, and Nogales, have been central to processing the more than 47,000 unaccompanied children who have entered the country illegally since Oct. 1. (Photo by Ross D. Franklin-Pool/Getty Images)
    June 22, 2014   BY Kayla Ruble 

    Children from Central America who cross the border into the United States alone are able to live, attend public schools and even work without facing immediate consequences, according to an Associated Press investigation. Continue reading

  • altcredit
    June 22, 2014  

    Since the financial crisis, small business lending by banks has declined substantially according to federal data. The value of loans of less than $100k is down by more than 18 percent since 2008. But while banks have pulled back, new types of sparsely regulated nonbank lenders have stepped in as alternatives, hoping to disrupt traditional small business lending. Continue reading

  • central park 5 MONITOR
    June 20, 2014  

    New York City will pay $40 million to five black and Latino men who 25 years ago were wrongly convicted of raping and beating a woman in Central Park. Their conviction was vacated in 2002, but it took until now to close the book on the decade-long civil rights lawsuit. Jeffrey Brown talks to Craig Steven Wilder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology for more on the legacy of the infamous crime. Continue reading

  • Two young girls watch a World Cup soccer match from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center in Brownsville, Texas, where hundreds of children, most from Central America, are being held after crossing the border. Photo by Ross D. Franklin-Pool/Getty Images
    June 20, 2014  

    Hoping to stop the surge of unaccompanied minors arriving in the U.S., Vice President Biden visited Guatemala to get support from Central American leaders. The NewsHour’s P.J. Tobia reports on why kids are coming and what happens to these child migrants when they arrive. Continue reading

  • A small group of tea party lawmakers upset House leadership plans Thursday to vote on a bill to address the flood of child migrants crossing the southern U.S. border. Photo by Eric Gay-Pool/Getty Images
    June 20, 2014   BY P. J. Tobia 

    A record number of children from Central America are crossing the Mexico-U.S. border unaccompanied by a parent. Many of them are fleeing drug violence at home, but here in the United States, they’re faced with a new set of challenges … Continue reading

  • Drones in national parks are a safety hazard and nuisance to visitors and wildlife, said Jonathan Jarvis, the park service's director. Photo by Flickr user Frank D'Amato
    June 20, 2014   BY Joan Lowy, Associated Press 

    Jonathan Jarvis, the park service’s director, told The Associated Press he doesn’t want drones flushing birds from their nests, hovering over rock climbers as they cling to the sides of cliffs or buzzing across the face of Mount Rushmore.

    Jarvis said he would sign a policy memorandum on Friday directing superintendents of the service’s 401 parks to write rules prohibiting the launching, landing or operation of unmanned aircraft in their parks. Continue reading

  • Photo by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
    June 19, 2014  

    An opposition rally against same-sex marriage in Washington came on the heels of news that President Obama will sign an executive action banning federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. Judy Woodruff discusses the fight over gay rights and the shifting tide of public opinion with Edward-Isaac Dovere of POLITICO and David Crary of the The Associated Press. Continue reading

  • 20140619_madison
    June 19, 2014  

    The state of Wisconsin has the worst rankings for African American children in the country for basic factors like education, income, health and home stability, and that statistic has real long-term consequences. Hari Sreenivasan reports on a new effort in the city of Madison to bridge the extreme racial disparity — an effort that leaders hope will provide a template to communities across the country. Continue reading

  • Florida v UConn
    June 19, 2014  

    A class-action lawsuit by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon contends that the NCAA should permit former and current college basketball and football players to profit from the use of their names, images, or likenesses in media like video games or TV broadcasts. Judy Woodruff talks to Michael McCann of the University of New Hampshire School of Law for a closer look at the arguments. Continue reading