• April 2, 1996  

    The Dayton Peace Accord that ended the war in Bosnia is being implemented on two fronts. The military job is being run by Admiral Layton Smith. The civilian job of rebuilding the country economically and politically is overseen by Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister who now represents the EU. Continue reading

  • March 29, 1996  

    Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole claimed enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination for President. With Dole’s nomination assured earlier in the process than any candidate in recent history, calls for reforms of the primary process have begun again. Continue reading

  • March 28, 1996  

    At a crucial moment in Burundi’s history, Charlayne Hunter-Gault investigates whether an ethnic conflict similar to the one that engulfed Rwanda will overtake the nation. Continue reading

  • March 27, 1996  

    The NewsHour’s regular political columnists, Shields and Gigot, are joined by Phil Trounstine of the San Jose Mercury to discuss the ramifications and voter apathy of the California primaries. Continue reading

  • March 26, 1996  

    The NewsHour remembers politician Edmund Muskie, who died Tuesday at the age of 81. The former Maine governor and Senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate, died in a hospital in Washington, D.C. after a heart attack. Continue reading

  • March 20, 1996  

    A U.S. Circuit Court in Louisiana told the University of Texas that it may not consider race in admitting students to its law school. Legal correspondent, Stuart Taylor, talks to Elizabeth Farnsworth about how the move could result in a dramatic reduction of racial minorities in state graduate education programs. Continue reading

  • March 20, 1996  

    Political columnists Mark Shields and Paul Gigot analyse the results of the Midwestern primaries which clinched the Republican presidential nomination for Senator Bob Dole. Continue reading

  • March 19, 1996  

    Kwame Holman reports on the President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 1997. Several Republicans were quick to criticize the plan for placing many of its cuts towards the end of the seven year cycle. Continue reading

  • March 19, 1996  

    President Clinton introduced his budget proposal for fiscal year 1997 in the midst of continuing debate over 1996 appropriations. The plan includes a tax cut along with savings in programs such as welfare and Medicare. The NewsHour discusses the proposal with OMB Director Alice Rivlin and Senate Budget Chairman Peter Domenici. Continue reading

  • March 18, 1996  

    Congress is expected to pass a version of product liability reform this week. The bill would limit punitive damages that could be awarded to those people injured by defective products. Elizabeth Farnsworth leads a debate over the merits of the bill. Continue reading