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  • December 28, 2005  

    Documents released recently from Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito’s past have sparked a debate over his judicial philosophy. Two experts discuss what the documents reveal about his views on executive privilege, abortion rights and civil rights and what they could mean for his confirmation hearings. Continue reading

  • December 27, 2005   BY  

    More than 10,000 Sunni Arabs and secular Shiites marched in Baghdad Tuesday to protest the Dec. 15 parliamentary elections. Continue reading

  • December 23, 2005   BY  

    As a Justice Department lawyer in the 1980s, Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito argued that executive branch officials should not be held liable if they ordered wiretaps without obtaining warrants, according to documents. Continue reading

  • December 23, 2005  

    A report examines the tensions of hiring day laborers that may be illegal immigrants with a focus on Herndon, a city in Northern Virginia that just opened a city-funded day laborer site. Continue reading

  • December 23, 2005  

    Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks discuss Congress’ last-minute action on the Patriot Act, the domestic surveillance controversy and other political developments of the week. Continue reading

  • December 22, 2005  

    The House on Thursday passed a one-month extension of the USA Patriot Act, following the Senate’s six-month extension, forcing the Senate back into session Thursday evening. An expert discusses Congress’ actions and the fate of the act. Continue reading

  • December 22, 2005  

    A government request to transfer terrorism suspect Jose Padilla from military to civilian custody was rejected yesterday by an appeals court. A reporter discusses the latest developments. Continue reading

  • December 21, 2005   BY  

    The Bush administration and GOP allies in the Senate on Wednesday successfully passed a bill they said would trim federal deficits by $39.7 billion over five years. Continue reading

  • December 21, 2005  

    In last minute votes on Wednesday, the Senate approved a bill to trim spending on social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and student loans but rejected a military spending bill that included a controversial provision to drill for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Continue reading

  • December 21, 2005  

    Two experts discuss how Saddam Hussein’s trial stacks up to other noted war crimes tribunals of the modern age. Continue reading