• August 26, 2003  

    In a speech Tuesday, President Bush defended the mission in Iraq as a critical component in the global war on terrorism. Two U.S. Senators who have traveled to Iraq offer perspective on the postwar situation and U.S. foreign policy. Continue reading

  • August 25, 2003   BY  

    California’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante has overtaken Republican actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a poll testing voters’ opinions about the Oct. 7 recall election that will decide the fate of embattled Gov. Gray Davis. Continue reading

  • August 25, 2003  

    Convicted pedophile priest John Geoghan died last weekend after a fellow inmate attacked him in prison. Ray Suarez discusses the murder with Mitchell Garabedian, an attorney for many of Geoghan’s alleged victims, and Stephen Pope, the chairman of the Theology Department at Boston College. Continue reading

  • August 25, 2003  

    Upgrading the U.S. electric transmission grid to prevent future blackouts could cost $100 billion, according to an industry report released Monday. Experts discuss these proposed improvements to the grid system and the investigation into the cause of the August 14 blackout. Continue reading

  • August 25, 2003  

    The University of California has managed the Los Alamos National Laboratory since it was founded during World War II. In 2005, the contract to manage the lab will be open to competitive bidding for the first time. Spencer Michels looks at the recent allegations of mismanagement and security lapses at the lab. Continue reading

  • August 22, 2003   BY  

    Nearly a week of ethnic warfare in the southern Nigerian oil city of Warri has left an estimated 100 people dead and more than 1,000 others injured, the Nigerian Red Cross told news agencies Friday. Continue reading

  • August 22, 2003  

    Political analysts Tom Oliphant of The Boston Globe and Byron York of the National Review discuss the week’s news, including how the Bush administration is faring on domestic issues in the face of continuing developments in Iraq and the latest on the California recall election. Continue reading

  • August 21, 2003   BY  

    As Liberia’s rebels and government chose a new leader to head their transition government, the United Nations envoy to Liberia said he would ask the Security Council to authorize its largest peacekeeping deployment in the world — 15,000 troops. Continue reading

  • August 21, 2003   BY  

    Israeli military forces killed a senior leader in the Hamas political movement Thursday in a missile strike two days after a suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus left 20 people dead. Continue reading

  • August 21, 2003   BY  

    Secretary of State Colin Powell told diplomats at the United Nations that the United States is considering a new resolution that would "call on member states to do more" in Iraq. Continue reading