• February 29, 1996  

    Our second round of Republican candidate stump speeches continues with Pat Buchanan, this week in Marietta, Georgia. The Georgia primary is Tuesday, March 5th. Continue reading

  • February 28, 1996  

    Commentator Pat Buchanan and publisher Steve Forbes, have had unexpected success in the early days of this campaign season. Buchanan has focused on the traditional populist messages, while Forbes has made reducing taxes the centerpiece of his campaign. The NewsHour historians put the race in historical context. Continue reading

  • February 27, 1996  

    The NewsHour continues with its second round of the Republican Presidential candidates’ speeches. Tonight it is by Sen. Bob Dole, delivered yesterday outside the Veterans Center in Columbus, Georgia. Continue reading

  • February 27, 1996  

    The Food and Drug Administration was created around the turn of the century as a result of consumer concerns over food packaging. Ninety years later, Congress is debating how to restructure the agency for the next century. Elizabeth Farnsworth reports. Continue reading

  • February 27, 1996  

    Congress is considering shortening the length of time the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can spend for approving new substances. Elizabeth Farnsworth leads a discussion between representatives of two organizations lobbying for and against reform. Continue reading

  • February 26, 1996  

    Stuart Taylor, legal correspondent for “The American Lawyer” and “Legal Times,” examines a case pending before the Supreme Court on alleged racism in the criminal justice system. Taylor discusses the arguments with Charlayne Hunter-Gault. Continue reading

  • February 26, 1996  

    The NewsHour continues its periodic series of presidential stump speeches with former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander speaking this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Continue reading

  • February 26, 1996  

    At issue in Monday’s Supreme Court hearing was whether blacks accused of selling crack cocaine have been targeted for federal prosecution because of their race. Jeffrey Kaye of station KCET-Los Angeles has a background report. Continue reading

  • February 23, 1996  

    With Super Tuesday only a few weeks away, the NewsHour’s regular regional commentators analyze the psychological battles within the Republican party. Continue reading

  • February 21, 1996  

    The exodus from New Hampshire has begun. The candidates left for the Dakotas and Arizona which hold primaries next week. Kwame Holman reports. Continue reading