• January 5, 2004  

    Seven Democratic presidential candidates met last night for their final televised debate before the Iowa caucus Jan. 19. Continue reading

  • January 5, 2004  

    Margaret Warner discusses last night’s debate and looks ahead to the campaign in the coming weeks in a conversation with New York Times correspondents David Halbfinger and Adam Nagourney. Continue reading

  • January 5, 2004  

    The U.S. VISIT program went into operation Monday, with foreign visitors to the United States being fingerprinted and photographed upon entering the country. Ray Suarez gets two perspectives on the new antiterrorism program’s feasibility. Continue reading

  • January 2, 2004   BY  

    A U.S. team plans to tour North Korea’s main Yongbyon nuclear complex next week, marking the first foreign visit to the site since the Communist country expelled United Nations inspectors on Dec. 31, 2002. Continue reading

  • January 2, 2004  

    Ray Suarez speaks with New York Times columnist David Brooks and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page about the investigation into the leak of a CIA agent’s identity and the Bush administration’s housecleaning this past week. Continue reading

  • January 1, 2004   BY  

    Delegates to the Afghan loya jirga put off consideration of a draft constitution after those opposed to interim leader Hamid Karzai boycotted efforts to vote on key provisions of the charter for the war-torn nation’s first post-Taliban government. Continue reading

  • January 1, 2004  

    Since the capture of Saddam Hussein, U.S. interrogators have been questioning the former Iraqi leader seeking information on the anti-coalition insurgency, weapons of mass destruction and other matters. Two intelligence experts assess what Saddam might know and how American officials should question him. Continue reading

  • January 1, 2004  

    Terence Smith asks five eminent American historians about how their field will remember 2003. Michael Beschloss, Haynes Johnson, Diane Kunz, Richard Norton Smith and Roger Wilkins join Smith to discuss the Iraq war and the other historic developments of the past year. Continue reading

  • December 31, 2003   BY  

    Italian police detained eight former officials and outside auditors of the food company Parmalat Wednesday as part of a widening investigation into fraud at the now bankrupt corporate giant. Continue reading

  • December 31, 2003  

    Former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark speaks to voters in Manchester, N.H., in the latest snapshot of the 2004 presidential candidates on the campaign trial. Continue reading