• November 3, 1997  

    The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to California’s Proposition 209, the 1996 initiative which overturned affirmative action in the state. Continue reading

  • November 3, 1997  

    In a Newsmaker interview, Phil Ponce discusses the Reform Party with Ross Perot. Continue reading

  • October 28, 1997  

    On Wednesday, Chinese President Jiang Zemin will arrive in Washington, D.C., for formal meetings with President Clinton. Jim Lehrer talks with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about the issues surrounding this week’s summit with the People’s Republic of China. Continue reading

  • October 24, 1997  

    In 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee began its investigation of suspected communists in the film industry. The investigation ruined hundreds of careers. Elizabeth Farnsworth talks with Paul Jarrico and Marsha Hunt about their experiences on the blacklist. Continue reading

  • October 22, 1997  

    The representative from California’s 46th Congressional District, Loretta Sanchez, is working under the shadow of three ongoing investigations. Republican Bob Dornan, says illegal voting by immigrants cost him his seat, but Democrats believe the improper votes will not prove significant. Jeffrey Kaye has more on Dornan. Continue reading

  • October 21, 1997  

    Saira Shah, of Independent Television News London, takes a look at the Algerian city of Rais and the wave of massacres that haunts the nation. Continue reading

  • October 14, 1997  

    During his presidency, Lyndon B. Johnson secretly taped thousands of private conversations. These tapes, which include conversations with various public figures, from Robert Kennedy to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., recently came to light. Phil Ponce discusses the content and significance of these tapes with Michael Beschloss. Continue reading

  • October 8, 1997  

    In an effort to control the unpredictable Yangtze River, China is constructing the Three Gorges Dam. But what will be the social and environmental costs of building the multi-billion dollar project? After a background report, a photographer and an author from National Geographic discusses the issue with Elizabeth Farnsworth. Continue reading

  • October 6, 1997  

    The Supreme Court began a term today that could lead to landmark decisions on affirmative action. Stuart Taylor of The American Lawyer previews those and other cases before the high court this Fall. Continue reading

  • October 1, 1997  

    Since 1992, Algeria has been crippled by political violence, with over 60,000 deaths resulting from massacres, assassinations and bombings. Although one of the armed rebel groups scheduled a truce to begin, it is unclear whether violence will in fact end. Continue reading