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  • May 28, 1996  

    Remarks by President Clinton in the veteran’s announcement. Continue reading

  • May 28, 1996  

    Hillary Rodham Clinton discusses the Whitewater trial, the coming election, public opinion about her and her experiences in the White House. The first lady spoke with Jim Lehrer a few hours before the jury in Little Rock, Arkansas, returned guilty verdicts against the Clintons’ business partners. Continue reading

  • May 23, 1996  

    Charlayne Hunter-Gault talks with Susan Rice, deputy National Security Advisor for Africa, about the growing tensions and violence in Burundi, a country neighboring Rwanda and sharing it’s ethnic make-up. Continue reading

  • May 23, 1996  

    President Clinton has announced he would sign a bill that lets states refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. The issue has assumed political dimensions since the Hawaiian Supreme Court ordered the state to prove that there’s a compelling state interest in barring same-sex marriages. Continue reading

  • May 21, 1996  

    Excerpts from the Senate investigation of the U.S. role in supporting arms shipments from Iran to the Bosnian Muslims during their war with the Serbs. President Clinton has admitted he knew of the transfers but did nothing to discourage them, even though the United Nations had slapped an embargo on such shipments. Continue reading

  • May 20, 1996  

    Two notable rulings have been handed down by the Supreme Court today. One overturned a Colorado constitutional amendment banning laws meant to protect homosexuals from discrimination. The second ruling struck down $2 million in punitive damages awarded by an Alabama court to a doctor unhappy with the paint job on his new BMW. Continue reading

  • May 13, 1996  

    The Supreme court dealt with issues ranging from the Unabomber, to racism in drug arrests, to liquor advertising in Rhode Island. Stuart Taylor, correspondent for the “American Lawyer” and “Legal Times,” joins Charlayne Hunter-Gault to discuss the busy day that was. Continue reading

  • May 9, 1996  

    F.W. De Klerk has removed his National Party from the ANC led South African government. This follows on the heels of yesterdays announcement that an agreement had been reached on a new constitution for that country. Lindsay Taylor of Independent Television News reports on the reaction and possible ramifications of this action. Continue reading

  • May 9, 1996  

    A further update on the never ending budget story. Jim Lehrer is joined by Susan Dentzer of “US News and World Report” to discuss the 1997 Republican budget proposal following a report by Kwame Holman. Continue reading

  • May 8, 1996  

    Republicans in both Houses of Congress introduced a bill to keep states from being forced to recognize marriages of the same sex. The bill says that a marriage is defined under federal law as the legal union between one man and one woman and that a spouse must be someone of the opposite sex. Continue reading