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  • June 19, 2003   BY Admin 

    A truck driver from Columbus, Ohio has pleaded guilty to supporting al-Qaida with cash and intelligence on possible terrorist targets in the United States, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced Thursday. Continue reading

  • June 19, 2003  

    A truck driver in Ohio has pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism as part of a plea bargain with the Justice Department. Jim Lehrer discusses what this means for al-Qaida’s influence in America with Daniel Klaidman, Washington bureau chief of Newsweek magazine. Continue reading

  • June 17, 2003   BY Admin 

    World Health Organization officials announced Tuesday that the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome has been contained, but warned that China must remain vigilant to prevent a second outbreak of the highly infectious disease. Continue reading

  • June 16, 2003  

    As Congress begins reviewing the intelligence used as one of the main reasons for the war that ousted Saddam Hussein, two members of the Senate Intelligence Committee offer their perspectives on the investigation. Continue reading

  • June 13, 2003   BY Admin 

    Noting that the SARS situation in many regions of China has "improved significantly," the World Health Organization lifted its warning against travel to parts of the country. Continue reading

  • June 13, 2003  

    As Hamas called for an all-out war on Israel, another militant leader was killed Friday in an Israeli missile strike. Experts assess Hamas and its potential impact on the Middle East peace process. Continue reading

  • June 12, 2003  

    Outgoing State Department Chief of Policy Planning Richard Haass discusses U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, continuing efforts to establish order in Iraq and the politics within the Bush administration. Continue reading

  • June 11, 2003  

    The cofounder of the main anti-Saddam opposition group discusses the challenges of keeping the peace in postwar Iraq, prewar intelligence of weapons of mass destruction and the transition to Iraqi self-rule. Continue reading

  • June 11, 2003  

    On the day a Palestinian suicide bomber in Jerusalem killed at least 16 and Israeli missile attacks in Gaza killed at least nine, analysts discuss the cycle of violence and the latest damage done to the internationally backed peace plan. Continue reading

  • June 10, 2003  

    Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a car carrying a senior official from the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza City on Tuesday. Experts discuss how the strikes will impact the internationally backed “road map” for Middle East peace. Continue reading