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  • May 18, 2004  

    The 9/11 commission held its first hearing in New York to question police and fire department leaders about communications problems during rescue efforts on the day of the attacks. Spencer Michels reports on the hearing. Continue reading

  • April 30, 2004   BY Admin 

    The U.N. Security Council on Friday authorized an 8,000-strong peacekeeping force to maintain order in Haiti, which is preparing for elections after rebels forced its president to flee the Caribbean country in late February. Continue reading

  • April 29, 2004  

    President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney met with the 9/11 Commission in a closed-door session at the White House on Thursday. Jim Lehrer discusses the historical significance of their meeting with presidential historians Michael Beschloss and Richard Norton Smith. Continue reading

  • April 28, 2004   BY Admin 

    The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in two precedent-setting cases that ask whether in the war on terrorism President Bush can order American citizens held indefinitely in a military jail without charges, a hearing or access to a lawyer. Continue reading

  • April 28, 2004  

    The Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases Wednesday that may set how far the executive branch can go in detaining U.S. citizens without trial in the ongoing war against terrorism. Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal helps interpret the arguments. Continue reading

  • April 27, 2004   BY Admin 

    Several blasts and rounds of heavy shooting broke out in Syria’s capital, Damascus, late Tuesday, according to witnesses and Arab media reports. Continue reading

  • April 27, 2004   BY Admin 

    The World Trade Organization handed Brazil a key victory Monday when the international body ruled against the United States and its subsidies to cotton farmers. Continue reading

  • April 20, 2004   BY Admin 

    The Supreme Court heard arguments on whether courts have the jurisdiction to hear appeals from terror suspects held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in one of the first major constitutionality tests of the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism policies. Continue reading

  • April 20, 2004  

    The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on behalf of Afghan war detainees held in a military camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba who want the right to challenge their detentions in the U.S. court system. Continue reading

  • April 16, 2004  

    Many of the most dangerous items on commercial aircraft may literally fly below what is screened. Spencer Michels looks at the logistical and economic challenges of screening checked baggage and air cargo. Continue reading