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  • September 14, 2004  

    As the Southeast prepares for a hurricane for the third time in fewer than five weeks, essayist Roger Rosenblatt considers the trials of living with this weather. Continue reading

  • September 13, 2004   BY Admin 

    After Hurricane Ivan brutalized the Cayman Islands over the weekend, causing extensive damage and two unconfirmed deaths, the storm swept through western Cuba Monday forcing hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate low-lying areas. Continue reading

  • September 13, 2004  

    New York marked the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a ceremony Saturday at the site of the former World Trade Center. Ray Suarez visited Ground Zero shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, and he returned to the site on Saturday for the remembrance ceremony. Continue reading

  • September 10, 2004  

    Hurricane Ivan began battering Jamaica with winds of 145 mph. The center of the storm is forecast to hit the island nation Friday night or early Saturday and then strike South Florida as early as Sunday. Ray Suarez gets an update on Hurricane Ivan, its path and its expected impact from Joe Bastardi and Felicity Barringer. Continue reading

  • September 9, 2004   BY Admin 

    Tourists and residents were told Thursday to evacuate the Florida Keys, as Hurricane Ivan grew into a Category 5 storm after leveling homes and killing at least 15 people on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Continue reading

  • September 8, 2004  

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with western journalists and academics night to address growing domestic anger and international concerns about his government’s perceived failure to effectively fight terrorism. Gwen Ifill speaks with Toby Gati, a former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State during the Clinton administration. Continue reading

  • September 8, 2004  

    Vice President Dick Cheney told a town hall audience in Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday that there would be an increased risk of terrorist attacks if Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., were elected president. Kwame Holman looks at how the politics of fear has played into recent exchanges between the Bush and Kerry campaigns. Continue reading

  • September 7, 2004  

    Many members of Congress spent their summer recess in hearings about the 9/11 commission’s intelligence reform proposals. Kwame Holman looks at the debate over the differences between the reform bills some members of Congress have introduced. Continue reading

  • September 7, 2004  

    Jim Lehrer discusses the differences in the Iraq policies President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., have proposed with former secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, who served during the Nixon administration, and Madeleine Albright, who served during the Clinton administration. Continue reading

  • September 6, 2004  

    Slow-moving hurricane Frances, now downgraded to a tropical storm, hit the east coast of Florida early Sunday morning causing severe flooding and damages estimated at over $2 billion. Florida’s Secretary of Health Dr. John Agwunobi discusses France’s impact and existing dangers. Continue reading