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  • August 18, 2003  

    As Libya accepts responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the United Nations debates lifting sanctions against the country. Experts assess how an end to sweeping economic sanctions could affect Libya. Continue reading

  • August 15, 2003   BY Admin 

    The leader of an Indonesian-based terror group arrested this week for allegedly masterminding the Jakarta Marriott bombing Aug. 5 may have close ties to Osama bin Laden, officials said Friday. Continue reading

  • August 14, 2003   BY Admin 

    According to the French health ministry, France’s heat wave has reached epidemic proportions, responsible for some 3,000 deaths over the last three weeks. Continue reading

  • August 13, 2003  

    A suspected arms dealer appeared in a federal court Wednesday after his arrest for attempting to arrange the sale of a powerful shoulder-fired missile. Experts discuss the sting operation, and the threat posed to commercial airliners. Continue reading

  • August 13, 2003  

    A British arms dealer faced arraignment after an 18-month international sting operation cracked a plot to aid terrorists. Betty Ann Bowser reports on the investigation and Tuesday’s arrests. Continue reading

  • August 11, 2003  

    Liberian President Charles Taylor resigned today.Lindsey Hilsum of Independent Television News reports. Continue reading

  • August 11, 2003  

    Liberia’s President Charles Taylor surrendered power to his vice president, Moses Blah, on Monday, beginning his exile in Nigeria and raising hopes that international peacekeepers will be able to stabilize the wartorn African nation. Experts discuss Taylor’s resignation and what it could mean for the country. Continue reading

  • August 8, 2003  

    Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks discuss the crop of Democratic presidential candidates, next year’s presidential election and former Vice President Al Gore’s recent criticism of President Bush. Continue reading

  • August 7, 2003   BY Admin 

    As Nigerian peacekeeping troops entered the capital city of Monrovia Thursday, embattled President Charles Taylor cancelled his scheduled appearance before Liberia’s congress. Continue reading

  • August 7, 2003  

    In the wake of a powerful car bomb blast at a luxury hotel in Jakarta Tuesday, an Indonesian court sentenced a man to death Thursday for his role in planning a deadly pair of bombings last October on the resort island of Bali. Experts discuss the challenges involved in the fight against terrorism in the Southeast Asian nation. Continue reading