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Rocket Attack Hits Assault HQ, At Least Four Killed

BY   April 7, 2003 at 11:50 AM EDT

Military officials at the scene said 15 others were wounded or are missing.

Officers from the 3rd Division told reporters they were not sure if the explosion at the communications center was the result of a rocket propelled grenade or an artillery shell.

“Some sort of a rocket hit near the 2nd Brigade’s tactical operation center south of the city,” said Major Michael Birmingham, spokesman for the 3rd Division.

Lt. Col. Peter Bayer told the Reuters news service that the missile may have come from the south, not from the Baghdad direction. Bayer said the rocket destroyed a number of vehicles and left a “sizeable crater.”

“The fact that Iraqi forces are still fighting against U.S. forces shows that there is still some work to do,” he said.

Bayer added that the attack could have been much more deadly if not for medical facilities nearby.

“We had a team of doctors and medics right there, which was the good news. They saved a lot of lives,” Bayer said.

Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade took part in a dramatic armored attack on the center of Baghdad earlier in the day that allowed U.S. troops to take over a former presidential palace and other government buildings in the middle of the city.

However, U.S. Central Command spokesman General Vincent Brooks said Monday that Saddam Hussein’s regime “still has some military capability” and that fighting in and around Baghdad will continue.