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Photo by Michael Lorenzini
Arts and Culture:
Michael Lorenzini: New York City in Blackout
Web Exclusive Photo Essay

The blackout of 2003 took millions of people across America and Canada by surprise. In New York State, almost 85 percent of power was lost, and New York City was among the last places in the affected area to have electricity restored. While New Yorkers pitched in to help each other out, many had no choice but to walk for hours to get back to their homes. In the outer boroughs, many watched the Manhattan skyline disappearing as the sun went down.

Photographer Michael Lorenzini travels home from Manhattan to Brooklyn in our web exclusive photo essay.

Photo Essay

Michael Lorenzini is a freelance photographer whose work has appeared in books and magazines, and been exhibited around New York. He also works as the photography curator of the New York City Municipal Archives. The Archives maintains a collection of over one million photographic items created by city agencies, which dates back to the late 1800s. Before coming to the Archives six years ago, Mr. Lorenzini spent four years in the editorial department of Aperture, where he was the editor of four book titles.

All images are © copyrighted by Michael Lorenzini. All images are reproduced with kind permission of the artist.

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