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There is no shortage of scholarship devoted to Samuel Clemens and his body of work. To find out more about the author's life and writing, visit some of the sites below.

PBS's Culture Shock produced this 90-minute documentary on the heated debate surrounding Twain's famous book. The program features a dramatic retelling of the novel's plot, compelling interviews, and historical artifacts to ask the questions: "Why does this universally admired book offend so many? How do we distinguish between a critique of a social problem and the perpetuation of the problem? Does the required reading of prior generations have relevance for today's students?"

Mark Twain: A Film Directed by Ken Burns
Mark Twain was a lifelong creator and keeper of scrapbooks. The Web site of the PBS documentary by Ken Burns about Twain features an interactive scrapbook that tells Twain's life story through a collection of texts, photos, illustrations, and clippings from his day.

The Online NewsHour presents a Media Watch Special Report on Mark Twain's 1876 mystery story that was never published and disappeared from public view, "A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage." Written for the ATLANTIC MONTHLY, it was finally published by the MONTHLY in 2001, more than a century late. The site also features a timeline of Twain's life and a list of online resources.

42eXplore: Mark Twain
The 42eXplore site offers some basic information about Mark Twain and a wide array of sites with which to start researching various related topics for all levels of learning, including sites geared for kids, as well as those directed at teachers. There are also links to Twain texts to read online.
A vast list of Twain quotes, newspaper collections, and related resources, this site features selected interviews with Twain from 1878 to 1909, reminiscences of the author by those who knew him, and links to other Twain sites on the Web.

Mark Twain: A Look at the Life and Works of Samuel Clemens
The Hannibal COURIER POST hosts a wealth of Twain information including newspaper archives, stories about Mark Twain, a biography of the author and of his children, online reprints of his writings, a list of documentaries about the author, multimedia features, and games based on Twain's writing.

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