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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Immigration Enforcer or Cultural Bully?


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has attracted admirers, critics, and the media for his hard anti-illegal immigration stance in Maricopa County, said Tuesday that federal officials had taken away his authority to conduct street patrols looking for undocumented immigrants.

As documented in a NOW on PBS report, The Department of Homeland Security had created a program, authorized by law in 1996, that allowed local and state police forces to make immigration arrests. On Tuesday, Arpaio called Homeland Security officials "liars" and vowed to continue his campaign using state laws.

NOW on PBS, Exposé and local reporters from the East Valley Tribune collaborated to cover this story earlier this year, asking if the hard-line sheriff was crossing the line when it comes to immigration enforcement.

The most controversial part of that program was a contentious interview between Arpaio and NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa. In the interview, Arpaio defends his tactics. The PBS Ombudsman later weighed in on whether or not the interview was biased.

According to The New York Times, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus wrote to President Obama last week, urging him to “immediately terminate” the program. The Times also reports that the Government Accountability Office found the program had not been closely supervised and resulted in the arrest of mostly minor offenders. The county's program is also being investigated by the Justice Department’s civil rights division.

Watch the full interview between Sheriff Arpaio and Maria Hinojosa:

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Comments (11)

To Whom It May Concern;
I believe that Sheriff Joe has done an outstanding job here in the state of Arizona enforcing the federal and State law concerning Illegal imagration and all other aspects of the law. If you are not here in the USA legaly then you are breaking the current law so you must be here illegally. This is a perfect example of an elected official doing what he was elected to do (Which is very rare these days) and then being condemned for it.
What happened to America and our politicians. We now celebrate Communisum by lighting up the Empire State Building with Chinese colors to to honor them for 60 years of communisum. They want to take God, Jesus, Guns and Christmas away from us, what next.
Keep up the great work Joe, we love you and will stand along side of you forever.

let the man do his job.

Arpaio is sick.

Sheriff Arpaio should be given a larger budget and rewarded for his efforts to prevent illegal immigrants from establishing roots in this country without going through the formal process. This country has enough problems, and with the Hispanic birth rate of 8:1 that of whites and non-Hispanics.... the last thing we need is more illegals sneaking across the boarder, having kids and being permitted to remain with their children in this country. No I'm not a bigot or racist, I am however a taxpayer that is fed up with footing the bill for illegal immigrants that are systematically sucking dry the resources of our social system while their only contributions are increased gang violence and over crowded prisons.

Thank you for all you do Sheriff Arpaio!!


This Sheriff doesn't pander for campaign contributions from the business communities, globalists or Internationalists? So because he doesn't comply with their demands, as they do, they desire him out of office? He is an ongoing danger and worst nightmare to the corporate agenda for illegal discount workers. Now he has a free hand to arrest and not no longer restrained by 287 G federal law, but can use the powers of state laws detain illegal aliens and the criminal elements amongst them. We need more Joe's tent cities and his inmate cuisine of bologna sandwiches, since being subjected to this type of incarceration will deter the most ardent inmate? Nationwide we need more inflexible officers of the law, who will not prostrate to the open border lunatics? Not the soft clean hands of manipulated cops who don't make waves, as they are contemplating looking towards an easy road to retirement. SEEING THAT OUR OWN ELECTED GOVERNMENT, REFUSES TO ENFORCE THE 1986 LAWS (IRCA), THERE OATHS TO PROTECT US FROM OUR ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. THEN COURAGEOUS POLICE OFFICERS MUST CARRY OUT DUTIES OF WHICH AMERICAN'S VOTED FOR?

However the corrupt lawmakers around the nation, have not been able to undermine E-Verify? AS YET? YES! Legal Immigration matters? We should announce to the world that newcomers are welcome, if they come through the front door? We only need those immigrants with specialized skills, such as computer engineers, scientists, doctors and those with highly recommended credentials as developed nations? America has a sovereign right who we choose to settle here? What we don't need is pregnant women slipping across our border, for instant citizenship of their child or destitute illegal aliens whose cannot exist without taxpayer welfare, chain family migration? We don't need in these country illegal recipients who need free health care, education when we already ignore our own people who live in poverty? We need to enforce the 1986 immigration reform law (IRCA), not cripple it for the sake of parasite businesses that live of the slavery of millions of foreign national workers. Seeing that the business world are screaming for more Guest Workers, they should take on the responsibility of paying for their health care and education, instead of dropping sick illegal labor of at the emergency room. to, leave the hospital bill for taxpayers. Instead of expecting the American people to pay for the enormous burden, they should pay separate expenditures for every illegal foreign national and their families.

We need to execute now, a complete war immigration chest containing mandated E-Verify for every worker--NOT REPRESSED--, or 287 G, local police arrest of foreign workers, the Rep.Duncan Hunter original national fence, instead of chopping it down to single line. We need enforcement of our laws, with harsh penalties for violating them. We need politicians we can trust, instead of those elected such as Sen.Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Feinstein and a whole list, who can be graded as Anti-American worker, anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal immigration and compromiser's of the Rule of Law. Submerge them in your anger and frustration at 202-224-3121 Find out the buried truth at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB, for overpopulation facts.

It appears from watching the interview that Sheriff Arpaio is correct and doing his job just like he should. Maria Hinojosa comes across as very biased with her attempting to debate semantics between the terms illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrants. Unless Congress changes the law, those whom enter the United States without going through the official immigration process are breaking the law. They are illegal and should be held accountable.

Sheriff Arpaio has been following a evil set of tactics with regard to "illegal aliens". These people are human beings and they are being treated as if their rights as humans are invalid. This is shades of Europe in 1939. Bonhoeffer and many others died that this wouldn't happen again, but it is.

Sheriff Arpaio just reminds me of a pig. I hear this man's voice, see him, hear the humiliations and abuses that he regularly subjects other human beings to and, honestly, all I can think of is the word 'pig'. I have never used the word 'pig' to describe the police before in my life, to the best of my recollection. It is non-interpretive, all I think of is 'pig' - a scared, empowered, dumb, sadistic bully.

I know a number of actual pigs (the animal) and like them very much, so it is not a reference to an actual pig. I think it must be my colloquial, cellular understanding of the word, having grown up in the 60's and the 70's.

He is a retro throwback to the criminals that wore badges during the civil rights movement and right up to this day, who go into the para-military business because they need to exercise power and will take it where ever they can get it with the young, the 'undocumented', the disenfranchised, the defeated, the most vulnerable in general, as the best target for this kind of authoritarian mental illness which seems to be an epidemic trend. Didn't Arpaio brag about feeding spoiled cold cuts to the prisoners under his care and marching them through the streets in pink underpants? What did the Nazis feed the Jews in their concentration camps - other Jews? Fare that was equally offensive, dehumanizing and sickening? How is this man any different than the Buba's who raped then dragged to death little black girls behind their pick up trucks or lynched innocent men while inviting the 'folk' to enjoy a picnic at the base of the tree? He's got a badge. Where is the Geneva Convention when you need it?

I may be slow on the uptake but I cannot understand how someone who is so obviously unintelligent, bigoted and cruel can gain access to the national stage and a position of such indemnified power in the United States. He should be prosecuted and thrown into one of his own jails.(Is that possible? It is sort of like my wanting to come back as one of my own dogs. Hmm..?) Janet Napolitano was his cohort and his Governor and is now the big enchilada of National Security. She has chosen to prosecute humanitarian workers who leave jugs of water for those making the treck as 'litterers'. This does not bode well for us or any of our potential victims.

When does the moment come for a collective, national WTF? Who ARE these people? When does Obama, the first African American man to become POTUS, stand up and say that this kind of condoned racism is fundamentally against the very architecture of social and racial justice that we have (theoretically) stood for? Can't? That is only because the media has been so entirely co-opted.

These sorts of tactics rely heavily on a collective forgetting and fear in the hearts of those who still remember. It's the only way this can operate, if you have forgotten or never knew what it meant to be an American, with the responsibility of being one and the much lowered expectations of our neighbors in the world. It would not be tolerated, much less celebrated, if we were not living through the double speak, propaganda riddled, America as Empire moment we find ourselves in today. Just for the record, the condemnation is bi-partisan.

The man, quite simply is a pig. An absolute pig.

Please forgive me, all dear porcus' and loving keepers of (this excludes the factory farming corporations of pigs - you are this kind of 'pig' too and should have to spend a day in the environs you subject these super intelligent animals to - maybe a week?).

Gianni Ortiz

I have just watched the recorded NOW episode about Arpaio, hence the belated comment.

I usually find reporting on NOW balanced, informed and useful. In this case there were shortcomings I wanted to bring to the attention of the reporters/producers of this episode.

The interview by Maria Inahosa made me feel she is out to get him instead of uncovering the facts and let *me* make the judgments. I am quite sensitive to the media spoonfeeding opinions in "news" programs or emotions in the movies; quite unwatchable. Somehow I noticed I root for the underdog and I try to see what is unfair in the way the sheriff is attacked. I am sure that was not the intent, was it?

I will bring up only one specific example. I am a matematician and this issue bothered me most. The fact that 655 of 658 traffic stop arrests were Latinos does not in itself prove or indicate any causality. Pretending it does can stem from: ignorance of mathematics/logic or an "agenda". I think Maria I. may be ignorant of the mathematics and I do not want her to appear to have an agenda.

One needs to look at the following numbers: How many traffic stops were made which did not result in an (immigration) arrest? How many Latinos/Whites were subjected to traffic stops who were not illegals? If Latinos are stopped and inconvenienced in large numbers (10000s?) to find the 650 illegals (on charges like not using the turner signal), I have a problem with that. On the other hand if illegal immigrants (Latinos or Whites) often drive with broken lights, that realization is good police work. I expected these crucial statistics to come out during the interview and the reporting. All those journalists could not dig up these statistics? I recommend the consult with a mathematician when it comes to issues like this so you know what to look for.

Thank you for your attention.

i think sheriff joe is doing a good job >. obviously the people keep re electing him>> he would make a good director of home land security. illegals should be made to return to their homeland and their dna and other bio identifiers taken (since they are very prone to change names). also america must redefine the laws about children born of illegals in our country >. they should not be automatically citizens >. today's anchor baby is tomorrow's dope dealing gang member. pbs is very liberal >. i think america is sick of their bias.

i belive he shold not remain sherffi of the county

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