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Rape Kit Backlog: New Hope for Victims?


The Los Angeles Police Department has cut its backlog of rape kits -- untested DNA evidence from rapes and sexual assaults -- following increased media attention and pressure from victims’ rights groups.

In a NOW investigation earlier this year, Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa reported that thousands of rape and sexual-assault evidence kits had never been analyzed by the LAPD.

This week, The Los Angeles Times reported that the LAPD has cut the number of untested evidence kits by half to 3,157.

The LAPD’s expedited examination of the kits may lead to arrests. Previously untested semen, blood or other genetic evidence matched the profiles of 405 men in California’s databases.

California isn’t the only state with a backlog in processing rape kits; in states across America, tens of thousands of women are left waiting for justice.

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