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Late-Term Abortion Practices Continue

Days after the abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was shot dead in May, his colleague Dr. Leroy H. Carhart spoke to NOW and vowed to carry on Tiller's mission. True to his promise, Carhart has begun performing some abortions “past 24 weeks” and said he is willing to perform later-stage abortions if they meet legal requirements, according to a New York Times article.

Carhart, who works in Nebraska, has hired two people who had worked at Dr. Tiller’s clinic.

Abortion opponents, who had tried for decades to disrupt Dr. Tiller’s practice, have now turned their attention to Dr. Carhart. Troy Newman, who leads the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, portrayed the Nebraska suburb where Carhart’s clinic stands as the new battlefield in the abortion fight. (See our Interactive Debate with Troy Newman on the subject of late abortions.

Dr. Carhart, who traveled to Dr. Tiller’s clinic in Kansas to perform abortions, talked to NOW’s Maria Hinojosa about what it's like for him and his family to live as "targets."

“Do I think that I could be shot tonight talking? I know that's a possibility. But am I scared? I don't allow myself that feeling." Carhart told NOW. "I think that this is my mission, and this is what I have to do.”

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I think that Abortion providers who provide late term abortions such as Carhart require federal protection. It is no secret that the anti-abortion folks would like to see something bad happen to him. I feel given the history of executing these late term abortion providers that one could also find a relation to domestic terrorism. On one hand you have someone who is harming nobody, providing a service to the community and a legal service at that. On the other hand you have a select few who because of moral, religious or ideological reason choose to kill these people. I'm not sure what you could call it other than domestic terrorism.

Mike Lincoln NEBRASKA


I was flabberghasted when I read about Dr. Tiller's murder.
It takes a very ignorant person to do this. Was he or she was arrested for this? He or she should hang.
The abortion issue is one of women only. Certainely not men nor religious groups.
It is better to have doctors performing the abortions. The anti abortion groups should watch the excellent british film *Vera Drake* they would learn something and go to bed at much less stupid. I understand that some people have reservations regarding this issue and I respect that. But not savage murder and destroying propreties, no. It show the ignorance when a crowd resorts to becomes crazy. Respect goes both ways. Thank you!
Paule Lanctot
Montreal Province of Quebec

I have strong misgivings about late term abortions. They should be performed if the woman's physical life is definitely threatened, but I believe they are performed with less stringent qualifications. At six months, a fetus can live outside the mother's body, so it can be looked at as killing. I don't believe in killing to eliminate killing, however. Another thing pro choice people don't look at, although I'm pro choice myself, is the general belief among traditional Christians that the soul is created at conception. I personally don't believe this but if I did I would have to take action against abortion, because in my world view a soul would die before it even had a chance to live. I would be answerable to God. Life is precious, but my deepest concern is for children and young mothers who are suffering unnecessarily on this earth because of lack of compassion and caring for their needs.

I don't support abortion because I am human being. This type of person frequently says that the reason many people who don't agree on abortion is because we are ignorant and mostly attack religious people. The truth is culture. Culture is influence by many factors such as customs, religion, personal attitude and so on. As individuals, we have the power to make decision that might change our life forever depends how prepared we are to confront abortion. Remember, we all have values and principles as human beings regardless of the religion we belong to. But make the decision on your best judgement with the right information...............
see you all soon

After reading the two posts on this site, I am compelled to add a respectful third. First, it is erroneous to say, "It is no secret that the anti-abortion folks would like to see something bad happen to him [Carhart]." Murder is never, ever acceptable. As one of these "folks," I would only like to see something very good happen to him; that his conscience would be so touched that he would be set free from whatever holds him to the end of the abortion table. Secondly, the abortion issue is never "one of women only." This relegates the growing fetus to nothing more than a tumour to be excised, as if the woman herself spontaneously generated the unwanted tissue. No person of logic could agree this is logical. The baby inside her got there via the contribution of a man. The small, growing human being itself has its own, unique DNA and identity. These two facts deny any argument that it is only about the woman. Abortion is always about a community: the woman, the man, the baby, and society.

I'm not surprised that they (the anti-abortionists) have simply moved on to their next target. I think the attempts to start online auctions through E-Bay to pay for Roeder's defense are a sign of just how comfortable they are with murder and murderers. I don't know how they can be brought to realize how wrong they are.

I understand that you're being taken off PBS when Moyer's retires. Is that correct? If so that's another bad sign for our future as a nation and I doubt I'll be watching much less PBS in the future.

Oops. The perils of posting in the wee hours of the morning. The last part of the last sentence should be: I'll no doubt be watching much less PBS in the near future.

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