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Politics and Economy:
Bill Moyers — God Bless the Child

Earlier this week, President and Mrs. Bush and actor Bruce Willis teamed up at the White House to urge more people to adopt foster children, including older kids. And the President announced a new website to match potential parents with foster kids nationwide;

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Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers
God Bless the Child

A good thing, this. These kids don't need a tax haven, they need a safe haven. But that means a lot more resources sent their way, to do the preventive work that might keep them from falling through the safety net in the first place. The political class says there's not enough money for it.

Yet no sooner had the House of Representatives decided against an extra billion dollars for abused and neglected children than they voted recently to provide more than seven billion dollars in tax cuts to sixteen large corporations.

And the President's own big tax cut will provide almost half a trillion dollars over this decade to individuals whose income averages over a million dollars a year. Half a trillion just one percent of the population. It seems the most generous tax haven of all is right there in the nation's capital.

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