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More than Linkin Park and Lindsay Lohan

Did you know MySpace has a contest for its members who are making a positive difference in their world? Neither did we. Thanks to the with-it people over at SEblog, we just learned that one of this month's Impact Award nominees is a group for young social entrepreneurs, called Youth Venture. Winning the contest is nothing to sneeze at, either. The MySpace prize includes a $10,000 gift! Click here to see the MySpace voting ballot.

Youth Venture was started by Ashoka, the organization that fosters social entrepreneurship around the globe. Ashoka founder Bill Drayton says that Youth Venture gives young people the opportunity to see "their idea, their team, their impact" and ideally empowers them become "changemakers" in the future. Some of the projects started by Youth Venture include a program to help nursing home residents use the Internet and e-mail to stay connected and an abandoned-lot rehab in Flatbush. In addition to the $10k, the winner of the Impact Award gets free promotion by MySpace, which is worth a lot in itself.


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" Enterprising Ideas"
I believe that the company, "The Seventh Generation" (Jeffrey Hollender, President) had and continues to function with/from a very unique perspective. This company actually honors and acts upon the meaning of, "Walk as you Talk".
A very authentic way to diminish the insane power of the corporate agenda is to NOT consume their mostly bio-killing products. "Seventh Generation" is a rational, intelligent alternative for consumption necessities.Enterprising can mean More than greed and manipulation.This company has figured this out.

Thanks, David, for the link to the Social Enterprise Reporter's SEblog!

Congratulations on launching Enterprising Ideas--it looks great and I'm glad to see social entrepreneurship is getting more attention on PBS.

I've added EI to the SEblogroll and hope you'll feel free to include the SEblog on your roll and/or Tools & Tips.

I notice you quote Jerr Boschee from the Institute for Social Entrepreneurs. He's a regular SER contributor and many of his columns are available free on the SER site.

Best wishes!

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