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Maybe the "breaking news" teams at CNN or ABC don't pay much attention to people using innovative ideas for public benefit, but we do. And here is where you'll find the latest news about these "social entrepreneurs"—people who think outside-of-the-box and devise solutions to daunting social problems. Notices of major grants awarded, competitions won, projects launched, debates fueled. And we want to hear from you, too. We'll read your comments and consider whatever tidbits you send our way. Thanks for reading—and for participating!


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The franchise idea is wonderful. How can this idea apply to our immigrant problem? Many of the illegals, especially, live like the people in the slums of Africa. Is there a way we could exchange with Mexico, say, some of our problems for theirs? Could we franchise farms with our prisoners on them in Mexico, for their workers coming here in a franchise training program? The cost of keeping so many prisoners is enormous; yet, we need low cost workers here for menial jobs. There must be a way of putting all that money to better use.

Social entrepreneurship is a great concept.

A program I'd like to see started deals with vasectomies as a way to avoid unplanned pregnancies without drugs, calendars, or denying adults the pleasures of sex. Governments could offer incentives in whatever form suits an area. There could be artificial insemination later if a man and woman pass a parenting class after having been married for a certain amount of time. This could work in middle America or around the world, utilizing existing clinics or developing mobile units in rural areas.

If ya'll know of any such organization, I'd appreciate a shout out.

Keep up your great work.

Not sure about the trackback url so I'll post again including it in case that's how I can be reached.

Sassy Brass
A very arrogant position. Many cultures are not interested in male vasectomy. Perhaps you could set up shop in your own town. See how well it comes off. Perhaps you could go to Africa and teach about the use of condoms. That would go over much better I am sure. And only in Uganda has an organized educational program helped with the HIV/AIDs program. I assure you that telling men that they need vasectomies will not go over well. Anymore than it would go over well in America. Ya'll.

I agree with Meah - I doubt a bunch of strangers coming into an area with a message promoting invasive surgery would get very far. Also, we take after surgery care for granted. How could such care be delivered with consistancy and quality to insure good results ?



This is my first visit to your site, hopefully this email will get to the appropriate point. It wasn't clear to me how to respond to the specific program I viewed.

I've just watched the NOW show about CFW shops in Africa. Although on the face of it it's wonderful, I have a question. Have those envolved looked far enough ahead to have the expectation that if kept alive, the 25k children will have the prospect of enough to eat and some chance at a "decent" existence?
Thank You
Kevin Kirchner

Add to Anne Parks-Johnson's comment--many seniors struggling to get by on Social Security have moved to Mexico and other countries South of the border where living is cheaper and people tend to care about each other. Since the U.S. can't seem to take care of its homeless, or mentally ill and other institutionalized people any more, why not outsource their housing and care (for those who agree)?

Thank you for starting Enterprising Ideas and your commitment to getting the word out. To me, NOW's focus on this can get a message rarely heard in the media today which is, "there are solutions and they are working ----they may be small but they are being proven and, given time,they will become scaleable---and individuals can have enormous power to make a contribution."

The CFW story is mindboggling---2 billion healthcare visits at $1/visit to tackle 70% of Africa's deadly illnesses. This is an ROI any non-NGO CEO would give his eye teeth for. The figure NOW left out was, how many African lives saved would that represent? And all for $2 billion---a paltry sum in today's world economy.

I would recommend anyone who really wants to understand social entrepreneurship start at the website and learn more about Bill Drayton's program. Here you will see some amazing stories about the power of the individual.

Bring us some more of the "real news" on NOW! With some of your stories, we may need to change the program name to WOW! Keep up the good work.

To follow up on Bill's post, you can learn about the vision of Bill Drayton by listening to the NOW podcast we posted on Friday:

In addition to the WSJ's article of late, other more positive media stories on social entrepreneurship are indeed appearing.

This week on the ABC Evening News, 2 stories appeared. One was about microfinnacing through a group called Kiva. 24 hours after the show aired, Kiva's donations for additional microloans had gone up $100,000 literally overnight. On Friday night, the show's Person of the Week segment highlighted the work of 2 high school juniors from Northfield Mt Hermon School in Mass. who initiated the fund raiser called Dollars for Darfur. Their effort was to start a competition among the nation's 22,000 high schools to raise money for Darfur. Their goal was $200k and they ended up with over $300k and have now launched a second program. They also testified before Congtress last week, and previously appeared on Martha Stewart.

Finally, I would recommend to anyone wishing an overview of the extensive global grass roots initiatives for positive change and improvement in social justice and environmental work Paul Hawken's new book entitled, "Blessed Unrest--How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One saw It Coming."

Again, David and the NOW Team, keep telling the story and keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Bill Parker

Hi I agree to an extent with Anne. I think that by taking food to other countries and giving them money to start companies is a form of acceptance in their primitave way of life. They do not know how to parent...they have a baby they can't feed they immediately make another and when individuals are allowed mutiple only adds to the issues. It sikens me to turn on the television and watch these children being exploited due to their parents neglegance and responsiblity. Sex is NOT the only form of intimacy and as we teach our own if you are not responsible enough to care for a possible child DO NOT HAVE SEX. Being "ready" is a state of mind. But as a mother of a child that died I can say knowing my child suffered through countless amounts of pain until she died...(birth defect) WHY WHY WHY would you CHOOSE to have sex and KNOW sex=baby...even if you go to the bathroom after or hae the local witch dr touch you...its nature....would ANY of you CHOOSE to bring a hild in the world ONLY to watch them starve to death...has anyone been bitten by a fly...imagine your helpless baby in a drawer or other makshift crib laying lathargic in it starving to death while bugs eat away at it....its DISGUSTING and if WE did that in the U.S. what would happen? Prison and hopefully the death penalty to those that had a child that died....I think that if they had a few shots of Depo Provera or tamocifen then they would need to pass a financial independance course as well as a parenting one....including what US teenagers have to go through in Home Economics classes by carrying around a computer sensored baby to see the care they provide...when it is hungry when it is crying nonstop. Mono marriages should be enforced due to a growing population that cannot IF they live through childhood survive or they multiply to watch a child starve for their OWN sexual needs. Sex is is a feeling...LIFE is MONUMENTAL....(no I am not a pro-lifer so don't try to go there...nor a choicer...I believe in case by case)

LIFE.....God gives us the ability to have a gift given to us and WE are responsible to care for raise it, feed it and MOST OF ALL....Nuture many of those babies die not only from starvation or abnormalities due to negligence of their parents many die from Failure to Thrive?
Why is it the MEN always seem to be nourished? The mothers when not Aids Stricken seem healthy...WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? Perhaps the money given should be done so by having them jump through hoops like the SAME organizations (i.e Accion) make US citizens go through....
As far as the US elderly moving to Mexico due to out of control you serious? DO you know where those people are living????? Nice views without the cost of Key West real estate prices....those people are not going down there to live DIRT cheap like the countries poorest do...they go to live a life they are accustomed to when they were working...Our society is growing and we cut funding in the US to help our own people becuase SOOO many other residents in other countries are knocking on the doors asking for a hand out. I think a HAND indeed needed but not just because they are poor and dirty...there are thousands of children here like that...sadly....So why not help them by making them go through processes like The citizens that donte do.
The paperwork, the meetings, the classes the blah blah blah...No they don't do anything except have sex and stick their children that are dying in our cameras and say help help....HOW ABOUT THE OLD JUST SAY NO campaign get spread around their countries...should they fail to uphold our regulations on OUR money...then they like the rest of the adults in the world should be repremanded and not given anymore hand out....
I think that if we STILL give money to these countries...then the children should be taken and nursed to health or die in a comfortable way because a CHILD deserves that....and if the child should be so lucky to live what they have been subjected to then they should be taken and put into foster families or given to mommies and dadies that WANT to have a child and cannot. That wake up in the morning mourning the month becuase it is YET another month without a positive test result for pregnancy.
I know many will say that I am wrong...go ahead...its my opinion and feeling on the issue...
But if anyone says anything about why the parents should not have the children taken from them...the answer will be and stay at this If they loved their children...they would feed and care for them...If they loved them they would NOT neglect them. If they loved them they would not succomb to desire...and if they do it would be the desire to CARE for the Life that God (or their god) allowed them to be blessed with!!! They choose AFTER having one child they cannot care fr to continue to have sex...unprotected....If their religion does not believe in birth control methods like Depo Provera or the pill or even condoms...then maybe they should be so dilligent in their religion as a GOOD Catholic Priest OR Nun and abstain.
Men should be imprisoned should they fail to become employed and stay gainfully employed when they have a child to care for. A woman should NOT be allowed to take the child they have given birth to unless she can prove that she can care for that child (not prostitution).
If they do not have work where they are? They walk miles and miles daily correct sometimes with a hild strapped to them walk ...and walk...until you find a civilized community to care for your child.
Why do we promote and give money to Child Abusers????? Baby Killers???
How many of you donate to your local abortion clinic??? How many walk up to a known crack addict and give them money to do the right thing KNOWING they are only going to use again??? Do you frequent court rooms of known child abusers?? Would you open your wallet to them??? NO....
But you are when you help these people without rules...without accountabillity for their actions. We are simply the stupid white (or brown or purple) people that give out money. But the food we donate is rotting...Guess they are eating the cash we give them and the food must be like a dessert to a person on a diet...graciously accepted but passed over and takn for granted.

Sorry for the errors in typing I was typing rapidly and I am aware of the "typos" before I get comments on that to detour from the issue at hand.

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