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Mommy, Where Does Social Change Come From?

Interested in someone who can describe how to change the world in less than 300 pages? Then meet David Bornstein. Bornstein writes about social innovation. He tells stories about people, in his words, "whose deep yearnings in their lives meets the world's deep needs." Bornstein met celebrated social entrepreneur and Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus as a young journalist and went on to write one of the most popular books on social innovation, How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas (which clocks in at 282 pages, in case you were wondering). In this short video interview on Global X, Bornstein talks about his predictions for 2017 and how a lot of social change "comes from people helping other people believe in themselves.”


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Where does social change come from? "One person at a time" I suppose. The world however is still a terribly large place and the environmental, moral, ethical and economical dilemas that lay challenge to us today may prove to be far to complex for any one person to make a difference. I beleive that social change therefore must come about as a result of collaboration; the sharing of wisdom, ideas, knowledge and creativity, imagination and passion or just plain old good business intuition and common sense. This evening I'm feeling very stongly about the marriage of all of these attributes. Having had a discussion with a mid size business manager today, we discussed the need for his company to take advantage of the current green buzz, what I like to coin "the greenitiative" movement. The gentleman indicated that although his company was using environmentally friendly products they were still not able to capture the economical benefits they beleive are out there waiting to be tapped (from the haves, not the have nots). I listened to him tell me who he has tried to contact to promote his company, GreenPeace, the Jane Goodall Institute, both of which were honarable institutions to make contact with but ultimately he was barking up the wrong tree. And so I had a realization, that individuals who's personalities and beliefs are greenminded can act in collaboration and help to stear private businesses looking to tap into the greenitiative, i.e. The world of non-profit meets profit. I am very excited about opportunities such as the Enterprising Ideas Contest and the programs of focus the Clinton Global Inititiative have presented to the everday person on the verge of being an idea entrepeneur. Programs such as these will help "level the playing field" as Tom Friedman put it in The World is Flat. Increased colaboration via todays communication technologies coupled with investment by the Have's (not the have nots)to marry stone cold, bottom line business intersts with greenitiative may just be the apparatus by which we produce and consume social change in the 21st Century.

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