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Green the Ghetto

The Live Earth Concerts—on 7/7/07—present a good opportunity not only to take the Live Earth Pledge but also to highlight a social change pioneer who's helping the environment. Majora Carter is a social entrepreneur who advocates sustainable, community-friendly urban development. Carter works to restore the environment in an unlikely place—the South Bronx. As the founder of Sustainable South Bronx , Carter led the development of the first waterfront park in the Bronx. Majora Carter She established Sustainable South Bronx to show that "solutions for persistent urban public health and economic problems and looming global climate change concerns" are possible. SSB creates these solutions by building a "beautiful physical environment, demonstrating cool and green roof technologies, working to replace an underutilized expressway with positive economic development, and implementing the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training program."

In a powerful speech at a TED conference, Carter talked about why she is dedicated to "greening the ghetto," as she puts it. She explained the links between the health of the community and the environment and why economic development and environmental protection must be coordinated: "Economic degradation begets environmental degradation begets social degradation."

She's currently criss-crossing the country and making many public appearances. To find out if you can catch her, check her speaking schedule .


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