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Hitch a Ride, Green the Planet

Ever look around when you're stuck in traffic at all the cars spewing exhaust with only one person inside—the driver? Robin Chase, a social entrepreneur and transportation design expert, wants to change this familiar scene. Having founded the popular Zipcar, Chase recently launched a new project called, an online service that helps people quickly arrange to share rides. In its profile of GoLoco published this week, BusinessWeek reports that "nearly 80% of the American workforce drive themselves to work each day." GoLoco logoGoLoco's mission is simply to reduce that number. By linking "the worlds of social networking and transport design" through GoLoco, Chase hopes to overcome the challenges that have caused other carpooling projects to fail. In her bid to make GoLoco convenient to use, Chase created a GoLoco application especially for Facebook. In just a few weeks, 542 Facebook users interested in reducing their carbon footprint by carpooling have joined GoLoco.

GoLoco is a great idea but needs participation to get off the ground. Next time you're driving somewhere or need a ride, check GoLoco first.


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What a great idea. I wonder how people make sure that they're they feel safe with the person they're driving with?

Ms. Cheng, in some ways, personified that fear.

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