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Network With Others

Two heads are better than one (and three are better than two), so it's probably worth your time to find other heads that share your passions and interests and pool your efforts. Where do you find them? One place on the Internet is Social Edge, a global online community for social entrepreneurs.

Conferences, Trainings, Workshops

The Three Pillars of Social Enterprise Financial Analysis
SEA Teleconference
Thursday, September 24, 2009

6th Annual Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition
Seattle, Washington
March 1-5, 2010

For other events, check these resources:

Social Enterprise Alliance calendar

Social Edge Opportunities page

Other networking ideas

Your local newspaper or website will list grassroots mini-communities and movements already in place. Attend local events to find contributors to your cause. Churches, synagogues, and other places of worship often hold community events tied to social causes.

Use the Enterprising Ideas Message Board to find people dedicated to sharing and growing entrepreneurial concepts. This message board is reserved exclusively for discussions about Enterprising Ideas.

You can also join virtual communities on social networking websites including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Newsvine, Digg and Stumbledupon. Search for articles and personal profiles that flag the terms "social entrepreneur" or "social enterprise." Just be careful what personally identifiable information you give out to members.

Remember that the goal is not to sit around talking, but to rally support for your entrepreneurial idea, and spark directed action.

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