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Check out our playlist of songs that reflect the challenging economic times we're living in. We found everything from the Elizabeth Warren rap to Ramblin' Bill singing about downsizing and credit card debt.

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Title: Hard Times in Babylon
Artist: Eliza Gilkyson
Genre: Folk/Rock
New Economy Lyrics

Woody you were my hero
A shoulder to cry on when I bottomed out at zero
In the hour of the wolf, just before dawn
Hard times in Babylon

Note: Music used in NOW on PBS: Fixing the Future
Video Courtesy New West Records and Austin City Limits

Title: We Can't Make It Here Anymore
Artist: James McMurtry
Genre: Roots
New Economy Lyrics: If you gotta have proof just try it yourself Mr. CEO
See how far 5.15 an hour will go
Take a part time job at one of your stores
Bet you can't make it here anymore

Title: Got a New Sheriff in Town
Artist: The Main Street Brigade
Genre: Rap
New Economy Lyrics: She [Elizabeth Warren] wants to expose the banks and all the greed, wants to get rid of unnecessary fees which means more money in my pocket

Title: Corporate Welfare Polka/Brother Can Ya Spare a Trillion
Artist: Anne Feeny
Genre: Folk/Country
New Economy Lyrics: If they paid their fair share we'd have millions to spare, it's time to tell them, the bucks stop here. /It's time to end welfare as we know it/Teach them a little self control/For far too long we've allowed these corporate hogs to belly up through the public trough/No more welfare as we know it/No more hand-ups cut them off!

Title: The Bailout Song
Artist: Trillion Dollar Economy Songs: Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers
Genre: Alternative/Indie
New Economy Lyrics: We need a rescue plan, to save the common man/If you can't fill his pockets fill his frigidare and his gas tank. I wanna know, where the money goes/ Last I saw it was headed some place uptown/I wanna know, where the money goes/Because what goes up doesn't ever seem to trickle back down

Title: We Will Recover
Artist: John Lauria
Genre: Spiritual/Inspirational
New Economy Lyrics: Greed is not the answer/to give us peace of mind/Just look inside your heart and see what you will find/I know we will recover, it's just a matter of time so reach out to your brother and put your hand in mine/We're gonna come out stronger, it's just a matter of time/So reach out to your brother and put your hand in mine/Lesson to be learned/this one is a must/Do not believe in God we trust.

Title: Mister Won't You Give me A Dollar
Artist: Ramblin' Bill
Genre: We're not sure
New Economy Lyrics: You gotta have a bigger house gotta have a faster car gotta have more than your neighbor over there/You really don't need it and you really can't afford it but you've got a lot of credit and you just don't care/Mister Won't you give me a dollar, mister won't ya give me a dime.


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