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NOW on the News with Maria Hinojosa

Gore Vidal on the Virginia Tech Tragedy

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Writer, activist, cultural critic and iconoclast Gore Vidal talks to Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa about what the killings at Virginia Tech, and their aftermath, say about the state of America today. Vidal also shares his strong views on President Bush, a potential war with Iran, and 'the loss of the republic.'

Interview Excerpts

"We are in a terrible state of which the events in Virginia are more warning signs that the heavens are about to fall."

"George Bush was emblematic of everything that just happened in Virginia."

"He [President Bush] should have been impeached and thrown out long, long ago. I'm now getting ready with a group and we're going to try to get an amendment to the Constitution that we have the right of recall of an administration that proves to be out of its mind."

"If you have a nation where anybody can buy a lethal weapon you're going to have lots of mass murders.

"We [Americans] are the most gullible people on Earth, and whatever our masters tell us we believe it."

About Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal Gore Vidal is a novelist, essayist and playwright whose career began in the years immediately following World War II.

Vidal has published more than 20 novels, including a sequence of seven novels about American history, and satirical novels such as "Myra Breckinridge" and "Duluth." He has also written dozens of television plays, film scripts, and three mystery novels written under a pseudonym. A prolific writer, Vidal has published over a hundred essays on a wide variety of socio-political, sexual, historical, and literary themes.

His memoir "Point to Point Navigation" was published in 2006.

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