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Chris Simcox on Undocumented Immigrants

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Chris Simcox Chris Simcox, founder and head of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, talks to Senior Correspondent, Maria Hinojosa, about his views on illegal immigration. The Corps considers its mission to be "assisting Border Patrol in better defending" the border with Mexico.

Interview Excerpts

"I think it [the May 1 immigration marches] exposes an anti-American and anti-European sentiment and we see that on college campuses across the country. The hate, the vitriol, the hate-groups that exists on our college campuses."

"Many of these groups are now emboldened because they know they can take to the streets and this time they were committing acts of violence not only towards law enforcement but against Americans who were out to counter-protest."

"Many of them [illegal immigrants] are here to commit further crimes and potentially end up in college and potentially be involved in the racially motivated groups who for some reason feel they have an entitlement to this country because it was stolen from their ancestors."

"We have the world now watching us wrangle over this politically correct approach to border security and immigration."

"Comprehensive immigration reform begins with the federal government working for 'we the people' first and finishing the job that they promised us in 1986, the last time we were deceived into accepting an amnesty."

About Chris Simcox

Chris Simcox is founder and president of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which considers its mission to be "assisting Border Patrol in better defending" the Southern and Northern border with Mexico.

Simcox and his thousands of volunteers argue for immigration policies to prevent "lawless and anarchy" on the border of the United States.

Chris Simcox has a degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Education and spent 13 years as a teacher in Los Angeles. He now lives in Arizona.

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