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Question: (2009-03-12)

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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: Mark Sorensen
I contributed to Obama, campaigned for him, and voted for him. I just asked for clean government and believed in his message about CHANGE. How foolish I have been. Instead of focusing on the middle class as he said he would, he and his economic team are bending over backwards to bailout and reward the bankers whose greed and incompetence are a big reason we're in this mess - even more so than Bush!! What a slap in the face to me and millions of others who supported him. We know he did not create this problem, but its going to make it so much worse.

Your team is dead wrong about credit being the "lifeblood of the economy." It may be the lifeblood of a false economy like the one during the housing boom but certainly not a real and sustainable one. When I started my small business I went to banks to see if I could get a loan and they laughed me out the door. Through hardship and struggle I persevered and have now almost paid back all my investors with a profit even in these difficult times. Now bankers knock on my company door trying to get my business but I don't need their money nor any of the services of a traditional bank. Now I have to socialize the existance of these characters and their lavish lifestyles?

Anyway, I and others now see clearly where the US is heading thanks to your policy - an inflationary depression. Unlike the Great Depression where everyone lost their shirts including the bankers, this one is going to be marked by a middle class struggling to cope with rising prices and stagnant incomes/job loss while the bankers party on with their bailout billions. At the end of it all, America will be broke and you will be a one term president. For my part, I will be getting out of the US dollar to the extent possible to minimize my risk from the inevitable currency crisis to come.

Commenter: Rob Hoops
You guys are complementing Obama on being literate. The guy is charismatic, but reads off a TelePrompTer. I fail to see how the guy is any more qualified than Palin. There are better candidates than both of them, but the conservatives had to pick a woman because the liberals picked a half white guy. It was embarrassing for Obama that the election was so close % wise. The market took a sharp turn for the worse after he was elected---lots of hope there. At one point he will have to take responsibility for his own actions--kindergarten folks. Also, most of America is Christian, so even if Obama were Athiest, he wouldn't dare piss off people. His whole campaign is based on the Obama icon. I saw a girl wearing a gaudy black shiny rhine stone Obama sweat shirt yesterday. The next president is bound to be a passive conservative, because people will learn to look past the pop icon image.

Commenter: Martin Laufe
I think Pres. Obama has done great in some areas, but fails so far in his allowing Summers, Geithner and the Wall Street people in the Fed and Treasury to dictate policy. Many, many economists are recommending restructuring the banks and liquidating the credit default swaps. Until that is done, all the razzle-dazzle plans of Summers and Geithner are to no avail--they waste precious funds and do not break up the too big banks.

Commenter: S. Barr
It has taken 8 years to really screw up the country - why not give the man a couple of years, at least, before we all start judging him!

Commenter: Sandra
President Obama is doing a great job. We all need to be patient. He told us that the economy will not turn around overnight and let us know that it would get worse before it gets better, yet every day in the news people are complaining that they're not seeing a turnaround yet. What part of "not overnight" don't they understand?

In regard to health insurance, I'm looking forward to the president keeping his promise to provide a government/public option with dramatically lower prices and benefits that are at least as good as those offered to members of Congress. The insurance industry is suddenly very contrite and conciliatory because they want, as Scott Serota of Blue Cross said, "an enforceable individual mandate" that would force people to purchase health insurance from their industry, but what they don't want is the "public option," because that would mean real competition and lower prices. This is the "uniquely American" solution to the problem that they and numerous Republicans offer: hand the insurance industry exactly what it wants: everyone forced to buy their "product" with no public option for competition, thereby ensuring their continued profiteering and multimillion dollar executive compensation packages. We must all remind Mr. Obama of his promise to provide us with a PUBLIC OPTION. Mr. Serota of Blue Cross, fearing that a public option might still be made available, says his industry "would have to see how it's STRUCTURED..." The insurance industry should have no say at all in how the public option is "structured." They want to "structure" it to ensure that it's full of all of the loopholes and obstacles to care and prohibitive costs that make their own product virtually worthless when you get sick and actually need care. That would effectively eliminate the competitive threat of the public option, which is exactly what the insurance industry wants. THERE MUST BE NO INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE MANDATE WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT/PUBLIC OPTION PROMISED TO US, AND THAT PUBLIC OPTION SHOULD BE AT LEAST AS GOOD AS WHAT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS HAVE, AT LOWER COST THAN WE'RE PAYING NOW!!! It is not good enough to "hold the line" on health insurance premiums, because they are already too high for many of us to bear -- they must come down significantly in order to be affordable. People, remind President Obama and members of Congress that we demand the PUBLIC OPTION promised to us, and vote more Democrats into office in 2010 so that Mr. Obama will have the support he needs in Congress. The 2010 elections are just as important as the presidential election in 2008 -- we have to give the president people in Congress who will work with him -- not against him -- to get things done for us.

Commenter: me
I think the government should provide a plan for health care for uninsured at all levels of income .

Commenter: Nancy
I think our president, considering the enormous problems he inherited, is doing great. He has stuck to his promises of helping the middle class and has actually completed several of his campaign promises.

After his first year is over, we'll be better able to judge his performance - as long as the Republicans don't run him over.

Commenter: Kate vanHorn
I am so pleased with President Obama. He is literate, articulate and relates to the public in a way we have never seen. He actually speaks to average people and knows more about every subject important to us than any president in recent years. He exudes competence and gentleness. I'm quite sure that he understands the dreadful conditions of very poor and homeless people. We rarely hear them mentioned.
What do they do? Where are they? How can we make the world better for them?

Commenter: chris dorf
One has only to read the article by Paul Craig Roberts "Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?" to see the big picture regarding Obama and his Administration.
You can read it here:

Commenter: Ron Larson
I have full confidence in Mr. Obama to lead us out of the mess that developed over the last eight years. Even if it takes eight years go accomplish, it's still worth it. This is America. We are Americans. Yes we can. Yes we will. So we can say, Yes we did.

Commenter: Rick Ladue
Figuering the mess that the last President left, I think President Obama is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. It certainly is refreshing to have a leader show an interest in the domestic issues rather than the emphasizing the war in Iraq all the time.

Commenter: Catherine Mann
Give the man a break! He's only been in office 50 days and think of the horrible mess the Reps left him. He's smart, but he'll make mistakes - who wouldn't, given the size of the problems? He's focused on the country and the people. Meanwhile, the Reps are doing their best to tear him down, even though they have no solutions except for the corrupt activities that got us into this mess in the first place.

Commenter: Claire
So far, I'm disappointed that he has not really moved forward to separate religion and state. I think that eventually it will be very destructive to continue programs like faith-based funding, which allows churches to receive huge amounts of funds and grow phenomenally. I think he should at least stick to his promise of making them meet standard employment practices, so they can't exclude women or gays, for example.

I had hoped he'd take a stronger pro-choice stance, but he's back-pedaled quite a bit.

I'm sorry that he says he supports our constitution, including the second amendment, and in the same breath, still supports anti-constitutional stances right on whitehouse dot gov.

So far, it's very mixed for me. I know the economy is totally experimental, and I hope he's right.

Commenter: Max
Obama promises higher standards for teachers in
education. That would mean though a higher rate of
failure for black teachers than white. This would
be racial discrimination under "disparate impact"
laws which Obama also promises to strenghten.
Equality is the God the Left
worships and since the Left now runs our wonderfully
progressive country I'm sure that talk of "higher
standards" in education will never be anything more
than talk. We're going to end up a third world
country but at least we'll all be equal.

Commenter: FRANKUS
I believe that he has done as well as anybody could do given the overwhelming financial problems that were handed off for him to solve. We must remember that this financial meltdown took years to get to where it is today, and unfortunately, it will take longer than we expect to get it right again. He is very bright and has put together a remarkable team of experts to help with this situation. We need to give him time to let his policy work.He will need all of the support he can get from both sides of the political spectrum.

Commenter: Michael Quinn
Obama has done, and is doing very well despite the opposition of the great draft dodgers and cowards Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. I'm 84, and my generation won its war!

Commenter: Stan Y
It should be embarassing for the President and PBS. The fawning, sycophantic coverage here is creepy. Not a discouraging word by the "watchdog" journalists at PBS.

How about Obama's pledge to post legislation for 5 days before he signs it? Didn't happen with either big bill - in fact I doubt the Senators that passed the "Stimulus Bill" read it before they voted in favor...

The most important office, Treasury is stumbling and doesn't have any under-secretaries, only Geithner, who wouldn't figure his taxes correctly and can't figure out how to staff his dept.

Earmarks, scrutinize next time? The Pres. has scared us all about the dire straits we are in and he can't get his fellow Dems in charge in both houses to lay-off the pork just this once?

He points at lax regulation for the mess we are in, who was in charge of both Houses from 2006 on? The same leadership in charge now - Frank and Dodd and Obama was a Senator in their caucus - these are the same guys that didn't hold hearings or propose regulations in the past and they think it is somebody else's fault?

Obama's chief of staff - Emmanuel - he was on the Board of Freddie

Commenter: Kimberly
I do not believe he has done the right thing with his stimulus/spending bill that was passed, and i think the next one will do more harm than good.i want to see responsibility and accountability for the ceo's that are asking for money. i want them to have to pay it back with interest, the same as i have to for my student loans. why should they get to pay back a lona interest free? or not be required to pay it back at all? why should it be a gift and not a loan. let them fail.

Commenter: Karras Bommer
President Obama seems to be working day and night to correct the damage done to America in the last eight years and more. For the first time I can remember knowledge seems to be as important to the American government as money has been in the past.

Commenter: judith
For all of us who are wondering what all this spending will do to get us through this recession/depression, listen to the NOW program of 03/13 the interview with the Harvard Economics Professor. That will open your eyes more than anything I have seen yet. Here is the video for those interested:
Fasten your seat belts~ ~ ~

Commenter: Charles Reyner
I think he is doing just fine despite the
attempts to make him fail by the GOP.

Commenter: Pam Woywod Clark
Since he is faced with the crisis deepened by Bush's reckless budgets and depressed regulation, it is hard to exact an analysis. His first failure was to choose the economic adisers he has. Summers was part of the Harvard group who ruined Russia's atempt to recover. Geitner was part of the US banking mess. So, why did he choose them? Why didn't he chosse Paul Krugman or Rogoff? Why has he still not bought the "toxic assets" at today's cost and renegotiated those loans? Why hasn't he moved to reinstate the old "usury " laws and Glass- Steagal?
If he bought those assets at cost and moved them to a revolving fund, charging them with a sensible interest amount and use the incoming payments to reinburse the fund, he could then use it to aid other home owners and small business.
If he doesn't stop the 3 X loan mortgages py backs, no one can afford a mortgage. This occurs due to compound daily interest strategems. If he reduced that to once weekly it would reduce interest payments to at 1/3. NOt good enough but less a shock to banking. (30 year, fixed loans end up paying the loan back 3 times due to interest on interest.) In Australis, they insist that as a psayment is made, 1/2 of it goes to principal. Which gives you a faster repayment shedule. Yet, I hear nothing said by anyone on this egregious probrem. Yetm, this is why desterate people took such risky loans. The interest rate keeps all but the upper 20% from affordable loans.
Secondly, he has said he wants Americans to return to making goods. How? The present day treaties reward for exploiting other nations workers and abandoning ours. He must get an amendment to US policy in trade that would force US companies who take their work overseas to pay an equivlent wage to those new workers or their goods would receive a tariff equal to the difference between the equivalent wage and the wage they pay Equivlency is determined by the differentiation between US and their cost of living. Those who maintain their US employment and only expand overseas, would not be penalized. Those whose goods are totally produced by non-US, but national companies would not be affected. Thus, we would not be injuring trade between nations.

If we don't do these things, all advances will be useless as we will lose employment to those who are forced to "take less". We will all end up taking less.

Commenter: Dolores Conrad
He had a chance to adopt a homeless mutt from the pound and instead he is getting a pure bred he does not have the right to choose a dog without making a statement with his choice....he is the president. Do you know how many dogs could have gotten homes if he had of made that choice. Everything he does sends a message. If he is trying to get people to make ethics a part of their choices and their lives he needs to be the leader of the pack

Commenter: Charlie Rhodes II
For What he inherited... definitely an A

Commenter: donald eldridge
I think there is to much power in the hands of the EPA and the Sodomites in DC.also these Hollywood socialist need to stick to movie making and not politics, these people don't care for no one but their selves.and they sure don't care for this nation.I wood like to see them all move to russia.

Commenter: Dennis from Pennsylvania
Had high hopes for Obama. I really believed his promise about doing away with earmarks but it sure looks like "business as usual". Didn't take long for him to join the establishment. SHAME ON HIM!

Commenter: Frank Hogg
I don't think he's done any more that I expected. He talked down the economy and it followed his advice. He's spent more money on useless things than any previous president either dem or rep. He's alienated conservatives rather than trying to hold out a hand by claiming that because he won, only his views are going to be heard. His people lie about dissenters such as Limbaugh by misrepresenting what Limbaugh actually said. No one here who will object to that last sentence actually heard Rush say he wanted Obama to fail. They just parrot what they hear from the far left. I am amazed at how gullible some people on the left are. I guess it's a measure of their IQ. But they are easy to rile up as answers to this post will show.

Commenter: Debbie Lackowitz
How has President Obama done? Well, I really didn't expect the wall of NO that the Republicans put up. It concerns me because our problems, while not unsurmountable, are not going to be solved by inaction. I believe the President has taken bold action, but I still question if it will be enough. While most of the cabinet selections have been okay, I really wasn't happy with the choice of Gov. Sebelius for HHS. Why? I just don't think she's progressive enough. And I'm not sure how good of a spokesperson for health care she will be, and that is one issue that definitely has to be addressed. The economy? Not going to happen overnight, or even next week so extreme patience will be required. Help to get us through? Jon Stewart of course! So far, I'd give the first 50 days a Thumbs Up with troop withdrawl, the closing of Gitmo, repeal of the ban on stem cell research, and the stimulus package a very good start.

Commenter: Katie Robert
Obama has done very well, considering what he is up against. For him to have kept so many promises he made in such a short time is reason to believe he will work at keeping the rest of them in time, unless changing situations require him to reevaluate those promises.

Commenter: B. Tork
Obama has done more for the people in the first few month's in office than Bush did in 8 years.

Commenter: jeff
He has done amazingly well at covering his tracks at wrecking our economy!! When you have China and EU questioning how America is spending the money that China has lent us, that is the making for a very scary situation. Now there is talk of a 2nd stimulus bill!?!?!? I suppose that is necessary seeing as the first one has nothing in it to stimulate the economy. It is all growing government by instituting new government programs that someone is going to have to keep funding. Namely the tax payer. Wake up and smell the socialism.

Commenter: Ned McSheehy
Obama has inherited the worst financial climate in my lifetime. The effect of the greed that was encouraged during the last 8 years has probably not yet become clear.
I think he has done good job so far.

Commenter: Ann K
I believe that he has done a great job, considering the mess our fomer president left him.

Commenter: John D.
Rush is right! You had better all hope he fails at installing a socialist government or we will all pay through our noses down to the fourth and fifth generation!

Commenter: Meera
He is doing a wonderful job. He has inherited a horrible mess and is a true blessing to this country.

I don't understand how people can critize a man who is facing a job such as his. Corporate coruption, wall stree corruption, corrutption in the loan and banking sectors and on and on.

Watch the movie "Big Sugar" and see the corruption that has been allowed in the sugar industry, oil industry, and watch the movie "Iraq for Sale" to get insight on the massive problems, and then ponder what you might do. Then support the man. He needs the willingness and support from us all.


Commenter: Larry Reisinger
He's doing great!

Commenter: Kim Gronachan
I think he has done amazingly well. I wish we could clone him and send one of him to lead all the other countries in the world. Can you imagine what a different world it would be.

Commenter: Meaghan Shawcross
The Obama Administration has done a fairly good job at keeping faith with the American people. True, many of the promises made during the election are still works in progress. Still, many have been kept including the most important one - to be transparent and keep the country informed on what's being done and why.

Commenter: Kathleen
I think he has done very well. I am, however, very dismayed at the constant media hype. Our country is in deep trouble and while a very astute human, President Obama is still a human. He will not be perfect, nor should he be. I think this country needs to grow up and the networks and cable stations need to do their real job-providing information without all the incessant hype and dribble. I saw an article by Mr. Fineman actually suggesting that "we" are growing disolutioned with the President. How absolutley ridiculous! It's been 50 days! It seems to me that the media wants us to be dishearted- it will give them something to blather on about. The stakes for this country are too high for this kind of manipulation to occur. It's cruel and unecessary.The media needs to embrace a little change within and let this man govern.

Commenter: Eugene Tate
I believe that President Obama has done exceptionally well in his first 50 days. I am concerned only about a few of his decisions. I disagree with his decision in education to support more charter schools. What the nation needs is the strengthening of public education for all persons. I believe the Dept. of Education should be modified and that the "no child held back" program with its over emphasis on testing be eliminated. I also disagree with his suggestion that teachers be paid according to the results of their classes performance on meaningless exams! This is an outdated and corrupt philosophy of education. The only thing it does is to eliminate good teachers from the system.

Commenter: Nicole
Amazingly well! Thanks, Pres. Obama for your hard work.

Commenter: edie
Pres. Obama has shown that he is the most able and competent President in our history. He is a leader and he is faced with the most serious challanges to our country since the depression. In just six weeks, he has shown he can multi-task and evaluate each problem carefully and bring in competent people to carry out his reforms in the face of the worst of times. He gives me confidence that despite the worst past eight years of the Bush disaster we will eventually overcome our problems. It is the first time since JFK that I have been inspired by an American President.

Commenter: Marilyn Spilde-Lee
Given the "HUGE plate" he's been given, I think he is doing WELL! The clarity of the BANKS' bailout is partly due to the last Administration, but I've also wondered who are the "counter parties" (the term used by Senators

Commenter: Jean-Jacques Barrera
There should be no appeasing the conservatives in either party. Thanks to them they are part of the problem that got us into the mess we are in today.
I'm especially disgusted with the conservative Democrat
Senators who are not helping the President and in the end the US citizens. They might as well change their party.

Commenter: Susan Hammitt
Wow, He has exceeded my expectations! He doesn't talk down to the American public. He is the first president in decades to refer to our citizenship rather than our duty to consume. He has clearly identified values and priorities that resonate across America. Obama critics don't get it. Times have changed and we can not afford leadership that wants to build another pyramid of doom. I believe Americans are demonstrating optimism; showing restraint, insisting on transparency, understanding that criminals often wear white collars, and preferring a President that believes in us. It's been a long time since I trusted a politian. I trust this man.

Commenter: m j wegner
He continues to be a breath of fresh air. A centered, reasoned president. Too soon to tell what his successes or failures will be. I just know it is a relief to have a president whose process I respect. I give him my support.

Commenter: Laura Theurer
Obama is our hope for this country. He has inherited the greatest mess, but will tackle each problem with
great thought and intelligence. We are so fortunate
to have such a man.

Commenter: Robert McElroy
I think the emphasis on congressional spending tends to distract us from what the Executive Branch is doing with the funds. Within days of passing the recovery bill, for example, Agriculture and the FCC are already reaching out to the public as well as stakeholders on such things as broadband expansion and doing it with the benefits - cost and usefulness - to the end user, the taxpayer, in mind. I'm confident there is genuine wisdom in this administration.

Commenter: Amtak
Having been a volunteer in his campaign from the day he declared, I support generally the comments of other bloggers before me. I am a bit disappointed, however, that he did not opt for single payer health coverage. This is the opportune moment to do so, and I believe a majority of our citizenry would support it. I believe it a terrible mistake to build on a foundation that has been crumbling for over half a century, however. It means that cost escalation, redundant paperwork and treatments, and inadequate/inappropriate doctoring will diminish only somewhat; and somewhere down the road we will need to "reform health care" once again. Historically, each reform has brought us closer to single payer but has also left gaps that diminished our rank among countries in all major indices of well being. We should not abandon the opportunity to leap that hurdle now and catch up to some of those other countries. Especially, I was discomforted by representatives of our health establishment -- drug makers, insurance firms, hospitals, equipment makers -- all departing the President's conference on health care reform with big smiles. I saw the same smiles on their faces coming out of Congressional offices after distorting the original Medicare bill for their own benefit, when I served as chief economist of what was to become the first House Subcommittee on Health.

Commenter: Mary A Hoffmann
He is doing great! Just telling us what he is going to do and not do...what a concept! The scope of his job is tremendous and he is taking each challenge one at a time. I don't agree with the 'establishment' that he is taking on too much at once. I agree with him that many of our ills are connected, so you have to deal with many things at once.

Commenter: C Reed
Given the quagmire he inherited the day he was inaugurated, and the speed and efficiency with which he has attempted to address the myriad of overwhelming and unprecedented problems and concerns left us by the Bush administration, I don't see how anyone could judge his performance in the first 50 days in office to be anything less than a profoundly inspriing and a godsend!

We are faced with some of the most dire circumstances this country has experienced in decades and this singular man has done his utmost to listen to and accommodate opinions and expertise from all sides...something that would plunge any average person into a state of confusion at the very least, and an inability to come to any productive decisions at best. But Barack Obama is a man who knows his purpose, understands his mission and accepts his destiny and is doing everything in his power to make things "right" for everyone, both in the United States and around the world.

He acknowledges his challenge, his shortcomings and his critics and is still willing to rise every morning and face what I feel sure not anyone (if they were honest) would be remotely willing to do toward this end.

He deserves the support, patience, guidance and prayers of every single person on this planet.

Commenter: Donald
Cinsidering the MESS GWB/CHENEY left him I think he's doing GREAT!

Commenter: Barb
I think he has been trying to do his best. We are in such a state any other new president would not be doing as well as he. I thank God everyday he won this election.
My family are statistics; We are near retirement age and now having lost all employment and more retirement savings than will even keep us going.
We know we will never retire but we hope we will eat . It is hard for "white collar" college grads to be worried about food, you know?
We thought we were doing everything right, living in our means, paying off bills, etc.
We hope President Obama will be able to save us too.
Soylent Green comes to mind often these days.
We do have hope he will eventually get US on a better path to a better society. I just hope regulation comes soon to stop further falling of $$$.
Thanks NOW for keeping us up to date with info.!

Commenter: anonomous
The wealthy phantoms are are keeping Obama alive unless the banks get nationalized : "the change big donors" don't believe in.
A stake needs to be put thru the cold hearts of greedy few capitalists-the financial Inc. Obama's lucky not to have ended up like Lincoln these past 90 days...the lite @ the end of the tunnel:the on-coming train of the common good-and USA containment 2017? This year is high-noon? In my notes Dan Yergin once said Saudis are preventing Iraq oil from the market...go slow Obama-this isn't Medicare done in 1 year/LBJ ...I can't wait....but I will.

Commenter: Cary Fassler
I think he's doing well--given the degree and intensity of the orchestrated, reactionary, obstructionism he faces.

Commenter: D Kat
I feel such an immense calm since President Obama has taken office that I am perfectly happy to wait for things to turn around. To expect 8 years of disaster to be repaired in months let alone weeks is simply childish. I look forward to the coming years.

Commenter: Marilyn Osborn
Trying to turn around the behemoth of the US must be the toughest job in the world. I don't think anyone could possibly be more dedicated -- or smart -- in that effort. Good luck to him!

Commenter: Gary
Obama has our country deeper in debt than the sorry Bush Administration? Still I wonder about some of his cabinet choices? How many more owe taxes?
I think our country is slowly going down the toilet!

Commenter: Sharon Raum
I think President Obama has done an outstanding job in his first 50 days in office. I sure do not remember any other new President doing so much as soon. Plus, he has more problems to deal with than any other President we have had, in my opinion.

Commenter: David Scott
I think Obama is doing a fantastic job. It is so refreshing to have an intelligent, enlightened, and honest person leading our country! We need to be patient with him. He is not a miracle worker and he is going to make mistakes.

Commenter: Linda Sullivan
Obama is still a breath of fresh air--but the Republicans in Congress still don't "get it." The seem to be living in a time warp offering nothing but the same old failed ideas. If they would cooperate and offer solutions instead of obstructions, Obama and Congress would have a chance at bringing our country through this crisis and improving things in the future. Do we have to vote them all out of office?

Commenter: kate howad
I voted for him and will give him a chance to try and fix the mess that Bush gave him. Our problems didn't appear overnight, it's been going on since the 1980's at least and the greed just kept going. Pres. Obama can't fix this mess overnight or in a year. Critics are made because voters didn't fall for their BS again. I hope he does well. Anyone who hopes he doesn't isn't for America!

Commenter: Greta Ruppel
He's done a great job. He's acted on issues such as stem cell research, the environment,and signing statements. He is continually reaching out to different groups and to the public to explain the rationale for his policies.

Commenter: Jean
I think he has done a great job !

Commenter: Sylvia Yoder
I believe Obama has done more constructive things for our country and our reputation in the world in 50 days than many previous presidents did in their entire terms. There is still much to be done and I have experienced some disappointment, but I am pleased with what he has accomplished to date.

Commenter: Trish Brown
Considering what Obama inherited -- two wars, a depressed economy, and various other ills -- I give him A on his first 50 days. Furthermore, I feel a lot of confidence in having him as the person in charge, knowing that he will use his great intelligence and common sense to do his best for the country.


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