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Question: (2009-03-26)

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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: Mark NYC
Obama has been given one of the most difficult problems in American history (on top of several other very difficult problems). If he screws up, it is okay because a lot of people have screwed up to get us to this point. Why wouldn't Americans want someone with an ambitious plan? We finally have an intelligent leader who is working very hard to try to deal with the numerous problems that Bush

Commenter: Lohren
Obama's plan is not too ambitious. Americans hired him to make big changes in Washington, but appears that the Democratic and Republican politicians who are purchased by special interests do not want healthcare reform, government oversight of greedy corporations or banks, elimination of dependency on foreign energy sources, a cleaner environment, or a reversal of global warming.

The budget plan MUST be amibitous.

Commenter: Tony Resco
Just keep giving our tax money to Acorn, for all the election laws they broke, thats not to ambitious at all. Also, the 21 million for Pelosi's mice is what my grandkids always wanted.

Commenter: Linda Little
Think about this:If the plane is going down and you have a parachute that someone offers, do you take your chances on the plane or the parachute? Some things are very time sensitive folks....

Commenter: James Gealy
This guy is off the chart in spending earmarks and settling our children up for failure. He has gone back on his oath to protect me and my family by letting the left take charge and let the criminals have more power. His promotion of the unions is disgraceful. Unions are what screwed this country up.

Commenter: Nashville Neighbor
Obama has done a fine job so far of further implementing the Council On Foreign Relations' agenda, just like his predecessor, George W. Bush. They will both be rewarded, and go down in history.

Commenter: Bob Guzauskas
Obama is a community organizer..., and it's showing.

Commenter: NORM
Obama's budget plan is just one cog of the machine he is pushing to destroy this country and therefore the world's economy. He us using conflicts over such things as immigration to cover his destructive agenda and gun control is being set up by the Mexican drug problem to drain energy from the opposition to the economic destruction. Much of this is orchestrated by his staff who is using his idealistic admiration of Marxist teachings like strings on a puppet. No, his plan is no too ambitious like an explosive on a suicide bomber is not too ambitious.

Commenter: rich kay
not if you are a socialist. Central planning has never worked in any county. Ask the Brits about their health care.

Commenter: Ricardo
I wouldn't call going from a $400 billion deficit to a $3 trillion deficit ambitious. I would call it insane! To saddle our children and our grand children with this debt is unconscienable.

Commenter: Rob Friedman
I think that one person with the power to make any changes should be ambitious and thought provoking.

Everyone who is not the President, the bus is heading your way don't get thrown underneath. Do your job well.

Commenter: Trudy Hodge
No, and the Media need to leave him the hell alone.

Commenter: THEO
This poll just doesn't make sense. How can one tell how Obama is performing his job only after 60 days in office? It is very unfair. Or is a black president need to be held to a higher standard?

This man has been in Washington since he was sworn in, holding meetings with his cabinet, the public and the congress. Where was Bush at this time during his term, and what was he doing or rather planning to undo?

Considering what Obama has to deal with, I am surprised he has not had a breakdown. I will not rate Obama good or bad until he has been in office at least 2 years. After all, he has to sort out 8 years of Bush destruction of the world.

Commenter: Sandy Rummel
So far I think he is on the right track. I remember in the late 1980s and early 1990s everyone said we'd never get out of debt after the Regan /Bush years. Clinton showed them we could and we could also prosper. I think we can beat this and we should stay the Obama course.

Commenter: Marilyn Spilde-Lee
I would say "yes" but all pundits I somewhat respect (E.J. Dionne Others) say he knows in the 2nd year a President is dealing with all the politics that comes w/ the frickin' 2010 Congressional election, (plus several big retiring Senators' spots)! So, I will go along w/ such a "big plate" as he says he's been given, as he probably has to jump on his early popularity to keep the dumb "politicians" in line so they might work to help him carry it through. I'm such a FAN I'd probably not say 'Yes' anyway, as he seems to do no wrong, but, as he said at the Press DConf. the other night, he didn't Xerox the budget

Commenter: Victor Westin
Yes, and no. It's a shame that we will have such a terrible deficit. But I think Obama is right, we need to invest in education, infrastructure, and a better health care system.

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