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Question: (2009-07-02)

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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: Mike C
President Obama has broken numerous promises since Jan 20th. But without a doubt, the most glaring is his support of the Government run healthcare bill currently in Congress. During the primary campaign against then-Senator Clinton, he clearly opposed the idea of mandated health coverage. Now the bill currently being discussed would essentially make it illegal to be uncovered, and would fine US citizens 2.5% of their income if they don't buy into the government takeover of healthcare. Also it is disheartening to see that we still have warrantless wiretapping legal in the US. There is no end in sight with our military involvement in Iraq and it seems he's continued the policy of President Bush.

Commenter: Sharon
President Obama is not keeping all of his promises, THANKFULLY. But what really should be noted is that he is finally realizing the boundaries of the office of the president. He went in sounding as if he meant to show past presidents how the job SHOULD be done, and how easily it WOULD be done.

He now seems to realize the reason why everyone came out of office looking 30 years older. We don't do the monarchy thing here in America -- it takes more than one man or viewpoint to make policy decisions. He, like all of our leaders, needs our prayers. I think he's now in a better position to realize how MUCH he needs them.

Commenter: Gregory Patton
He's not keeping promises made. As a matter of fact, many things seem to be business as usual:
1) He hasn't and won't really remove troops from Irag
2) He's continuing a imperialist policy of war (Afghanistan and now murdering Pakistanis - I'm sure this is violation of UN charter to attack soverign nations. The pretext started by the Bush regime seems to be serving Obama just as well - "War on Terror". The only terror being waged is US military terror and covert intel terror against other natons.
3) He's welching on the health care sentiments he expressed while senator stating he supported Single -Payer Option. We see where that went.
4) He's stood by and permitted a coup to occur in this hemisphere of a democractically-elected president of Hondurus. Won't allow his Sec of State to call what happened what it was - a coup, so that sanctions can be immediately placed on the rogue elements responsible for overthrowing Zalayas.
5) Lobby groups from big corporations still abound in Washington crafting legislation designed to keep them in control
6) Attempts to expand NATO for no good reason other than to pose more of an military threat to Russia and China.
7) Allowing the US military's AFRICA COMMAND to stretch it's lecherous tentacles into Africa for sole purpose of training and paying puppet regimes to oppress legitimate human rights and workers' movmements.
8) He only went to Ghana in efforts to seal the deal for their oil the US corporations want. Seems like Obama is just business as usual. A kinder, softer Bush.

Commenter: Belinda McKibben
Pres. Obama,
I'm starting to see that you are possibly being overwhelmed by all those filty rich (legal criminals, I call them) politicians and those greedy lobbists. Get yourself away from their influence, and get involved with the rest of us commoners that are suffering.
I hold very few people in high reguard. So many have an agenda. Listen to people like Bill Moyers (on PBS), who is a straight shooter. That's the way I had seen you. But now, I pray more for you. Don't make any mistake about it, we are influenced by the people we are around. Pick your "friends" wisely. Surround yourself with decent, moral people. I continue to pray for you. Belinda McKibben (

Commenter: TJ

Equal rights? How about the right to serve one's own country? How about the right to hold hands or kiss just as straight couples do (without fear of being killed)? How about the right to challenge job termination for being bi-sexual, transgender, or gay?

As for science, what about the biological fact of intersex or those who have genitalia that are ambiguous? What about the societies that have existed for thousands of years without Christianity and without clear lines of gender conformity? The arguments PC presents are those of ignorant conservative Christians who have never taken a modern biology or anthropology course at a university. More likely they flunked out of junior high school because they thought they knew everything about life and sexuality - making themselves greater than God who created such diversity of life, including pheromones and sexual differences.

If you want to play with the big boys and have some valid arguments, the scientific method allows anyone to challenge the latest facts, statistics, and theories. If your theories and arguments are sound, then you will change the future of humankind. All YOU have to do is go to college and get your Master's or Ph.D. in a pure science field. It will eliminate not only your ignorance, but your heterosexist biases!

Commenter: MDLA

Where do you get your facts?

That was the biggest bunch of "Right-Wing, Pro Christian" propaganda I've ever read.

I suggest you look at Federal and State websites before you make a comment like, "Homosexuals in America have all of the constitutional rights as any other American citizen."

For the record, it is legal in over 37 states to terminate an employee simply for their "sexual orientation." In Nebraska, same-sex couples cannot have legally binding contracts of ANY SORT. In 3 states it is illegal for Homosexuals or Lesbians to adopt children (even if it is the natural child of their partner). These are just a few examples. If I had space, I'd make you abreast of even more severe laws that discriminate against Homosexuals.

Currently, ABSOLUTELY NO Federal Law (Including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Civil Rights Act) protects Gay and Lesbian's civil liberties as citizens. How is this "Equal Protection under the Law?"

I don't even have the space to prove how your "Life Expectancy" data is flawed and bias.

Next time, do your homework before you make unfounded claims.

Commenter: Makiki Joe
He most definitly could be more vocal in his support for the Employment Non- Discrimination Act (often known as ENDA) it has been languishing in Congress for years. Now that a Democrat has the White House I think it is incumbent upon the President to use his influence to PUBLICLY endorse ENDA's quick passage.

ENDA would give civil rights protections in employment and housing to all gays, everywhere in the United States.

Many people may not know this but, in most states, it is still quite legal to fire a person who is gay
just for being gay. Homophobe George bush had no interest in pushing such legislation. Obama has been only lukewarm in promoting gay rights.

Ending the ban on gays in the military is something else on which he has been much too timid. Virtually all our NATO allies have already done this. I don't buy the argument that he has too much on his plate already. The President can multi-task. In fact, multi-tasking goes with the territory when you are a leader.

Commenter: TJ
It is astonishing that someone so educated can be so ignorant about history, sciences and the consequences of inequality. Obama is all about showing his daughters what human rights abuses occurred on the western shores of Africa by the European and American Christians, but has yet to draw the parallels to the Halocaust or modern day spiritual and religious abuse of sexual minorities. Christianity has been wrong before (Native American genocide, slavery, women as individuals in society and in church, interracial marriage, etc.) and it will be wrong again in regards to the God-given right of personal choice and the right to privacy. In short, Mr. Obama is no different than Mr. Bush and their Christian allies who continue to condone physical, mental and spiritual abuse of GLBT children. Their lack of voice or action in slayings of Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King speaks louder than words about their lack of respect for human life.

Commenter: PC
Homosexuals in America have all of the constitutional rights as any other American citizen. They also enjoy a higher level of per capita income than the rest of their fellow citizens, which is fine, but makes the allegation societal deprivaton is less than authentic.
The questions that should be asked, are not:
Why are we asked to celebrate a lifestyle that destroys the health and shortens the average life expectancy of its participants? The average life-span of the hetero-sexual male is 67, while a gay male will be lucky to live to see 50. This is tragic.
Why celebrate a lifestyle to which if everyone subscribed would mean the end of the human race? There are other questions regarding health issues, fidelity issues, as well as the validity of declaring ethnic minority status to whoever chooses to participate in said special group. Regarding the issue of marriage, the gay community is not asking for rights, but seeking to re-define an historical social institution which has been the foundation of a healthy society, and once destroyed has contributed to the collapse of civil behavior and society itself, even as we are seeing played out in America, right before our eyes. Please don't label me a 'hate-monger'--that's cheap. I am asking that we approach the issues honestly with emotions in check, and consider where the road we are on is taking us, lest we discover only too late that we have taken a wrong turn . We need to think.

Commenter: R. O'Quinn
Here's the thing:

President Obama is busy doing a ton of important stuff, yes...BUT - it is inexcusable that he has not so much as commented on the shameful DOJ brief. Even if he cannot make legal changes right this minute, he could be reaffirming his support for the GLBT community. Speaking, after all, is one of the things he does best. He has not. Silence, as a great quote says, is complicity.

As far as I am concerned, his silence on the issues means that he is content with the status quo, and uninterested in change.

I likewise believe that his silence regarding Dr. Tiller's murder is complicity with the anti-woman, forced-birth wingnuts.

It is shameful, particularly from a president who is so eloquent when he chooses to be.

Commenter: Rebecca
I think Obama has made some significant strides towards the evolution of equal rights for LBGT, and I believe we have made this progress because of the tireless efforts made by the LGBT community. With that in mind, now is not the time to stop pushing for progress. If anyone told African Americans to "just be patient, there are other issues more important than civil rights", they would rightfully be raising serious objections. I think of the quote "If not now, when?"

Having said that, I do not think progress happens quickly, and I sympathize with Obama dealing with so many issues at once. I, for one, trust that he WILL take care of the issues and trust that he knows best how to go about it. We are not privy to the Ins and Outs of what happens on the hill. For all we know, immediate results may end up as temporary results and we should trust him to make the right decisions for permanence.

Though, like I mentioned earlier, the LGBT community should keep pressure on him, no doubt about that. That is how change happens, you keep on pushing and don't give up.

So, my position is this: I think the pressure on him is justified, but I don't think Obama is hoping to "make the problem go away." I truly believe he wants to fix it, and will.

Commenter: Barb
I think that he has to get the economy put back together. I think that he will eventually address gay rights in the near future. People have to be patient and support him in his efforts to heal the economy. It will not do to undermine him or no one will get what they want.

Commenter: Gail Dawson
I think the President is in a difficult situation. I know he remembers the problem President Clinton put himself in by insisting on DADT early in his presidency. On the other hand, the frustration of gay people for more help is palpable. I do think it is criminal to lose servicemen simply because they are gay. It seems like he could put a halt to the loss of soldiers because of DADT without changing the policy immediately. I think he is making a mistake to not at least do that. He could then initiate a "study of the problem" and deal with it later, after he has passed major legislation such as healthcare.

Commenter: sergio chavez
Gay activists want all of us in this country to accept their life styles. Specifically want all of us to accept gay marriages to be legal.

I do not agree for us to be dictated what to believe. Gay marriages are wrong as far as I am concerned. I do believe however, that gay couples should have all legal rights that heterosexual marriages have.

Sergio C

Commenter: gsteinum
marraige is not a national security priority, nor is it a national economic priority. lgbt individuals need to recognize that other matters are more important than marriage.

Commenter: veronica

Commenter: a.i.a
The key word here is Patients if people don't have a job, health care, or a home. You tell me what polititian would be ready to take anyone serious. First thing job, than you pay taxes, and that is what polititians respond to MONEY which equals POWER.

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