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Question: (2009-09-30)

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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: Judith Asphar
More troops? More deaths? Because we keep getting it wrong? What truly entitles us, or NATO, to be there in the first place?

Time for humanity to remember -- Kansas or Kabul -- we're all in the same boat. If we don't shape up and change our priorities PDQ, Mother Nature will do the job for us.

As Carl Jung said -- "what we do not bring to consciousness, comes to us as fate"

Commenter: A Teacher
Abolutely no. The previous number of troops have been sufficient to ensure that AlQuada does NOT use Afganistan as their training grounds for terrorist activities. We need to focus our attention on terrorist activities throughout the world, and more importantly, in Pakistan.

We should not be interfering in the extremely complex politics of another country. We have enough problems in this country that demand our financial support. As a teacher, the lack of attention and lack of self-discipline in the children entering kindergarten is frightening.

Commenter: valerie williams
yes he should.

Commenter: Greg Tibbits
The more troops the better, the faster the US will fall as an empire. The "enough rope to hang itself" phenomenia will kick in, and world and domestic opposition, economic collapse, internal decadence, all empire ailments throughout history, will eventually force the US to behave like a civilized nation, rather than the renegade neo-fascist killing machine it has been for its entire history, an almost exact replica of all the other world empires. Empires are obsolete and perforce violate Christ's command to "Love one another."

Commenter: Sandy
As Michael Moore has pointed out, the best way to win over Afghanistan is not only to replace troops with rebuilding technology, but to hire the local residents--not outside contractors--to do the work.

Commenter: lee hersh
No more troops. What's needed is an attempt for a political solution. There should be a 4 country meeting: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the US. The central issue at this meeting should be what is needed for area security? ; What is needed to stabilize Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The next priority are discussions about the level of corruption in the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This can be done with the individual countries with US aid as the lever to make changes.

Commenter: Progressive Patriot
Afghanistan has been the downfall of many empires. The American empire needs to get out of there NOW.

Commenter: Myrna Ponce de Leon
Bush got us into it; it's too costly and too primitive a place to change. We need to find a way to get out of there.

Commenter: Mary
No! No one has ever been able to win in Afganistan.

Commenter: Susan Helene
We should bring our troops HOME and REBUILD America!

Commenter: Tammy Tollefson
If any more troops are sent, they should go to protect the thousands of teachers, doctors, construction workers, etc. that we should be sending (and should have in the first place). Afghanistan is a "hearts and minds" kind of place where we'll do far more good to cultivate relationships rather than sewing the seeds for the next generation of Taliban or al Qaeda with our bombing and killing.

Commenter: Henry Coe
Yes, we need to complete that mission.
We can't risk Al Quada and the Taliban teaming up and taking over Pakistan and getting their radical hands on a Nuke.

Commenter: Jennifer Everhart

Commenter: Janice
NO, NO, NO, Obama should not send more troops to Afghanistan..

Commenter: Richard Lyon
The longer we maintain our armed presence in the Middle East, the larger the number of militant anti-Americans. The security of our nation agaianst further attacks depends on the withdrawal of our troops.

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