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Question: (2010-01-28)

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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: Yvette B
I thought it was very well thought out and superbly delivered. I was proud he addressed & criticised the recent infamous supreme court decision that gave free rein to big business to openly and legally take over government. I wholly support his program, and know that he hasnt his goals for his 1st year because the republican party of NO are determined to make him fail irrespective of the merits of his policies.They unashamedly and publicly state that telling lies and otherwise misrepresenting the truth about Obama and his poicies is appropriate as it will help them win elections and regain control of congress. Unfortunately, the public & media ignore this known fact when they 'analyze' relevant issues. I recommend everyone read 'Animal Farm' by Orwell, if they hadn't already done so during George W's years!!!

Commenter: Leeann
Thought it was a lot of rhetoric and too much of me, me, me. Didn't hear anything that impressed me. He isn't listening to what the people want. He does what he wants, not what is best for the country. His neck should hurt by now due to the teleprompter, without it he is lost.

Commenter: Patrick Foster
Surely its time to move on front the hysteria over nuclear power. Russia may have shown how not to do it, but the new "pebble bed" design avoids previous risks - Scientific American published newer designs in a pamphlet several years ago.
Firstly, the fuel is remade into ceramic pebbles each radiating so little as to be briefly handheld.
Secondly, only when several thousand of these tiny pebbles are brought together is a fuel source dangerous.
Thirdly, water/steam has been used to transfer energy to electric generators. Heat transfer using noble gases is safer because, should the system leak, these gases do not become radioactive after exposure.
Fourth: when fuel capacity is exhausted the mass of pebbles is divided up into small safe units that can be transported safely by road/rail.
Last: Can you imagine a terrorist stealing hundreds of pounds of spent CERAMIC pebbles to grind up and extract stuff for an atom bomb????

The new reactors can me made small enough to power a small business, a farm, a hotel, or even your home.

Commenter: Barry De Jasu
I did not want to watch the President give his speech as I have come to wince when he talks. At best his speeches, including the State of the Union, are filled with lofty non specific ideas. But he seldom heartily supports his speeches with actions. The State of the Union proposed nuclear energy as a viable technology when we cannot deal safely with the waste produced which outlasts our society. President Obama is a man who really doesn't want to make waves in the establishment. And this both saddens and angers me.

Commenter: Federalist
For all the promises of "Change" it all sounded like more of the same old rhetoric, accusations of the past administrations failures and basically a "re-package" of all his previous speeches. As an independent voter I was hoping for so much more.... maybe an actual statement of fact and not fiction. It would have been so eluminating to have heard an actual plan of action and an acceptance of the cold reality that he cannot get health-care to everyone; and realize it is not his place to do so, not even he "ultra-left" Congress has no business in health-care. President Obama needs to abide by the US Constitution and read thoroughly. It would not be hard at all, it is only approximately 17-pages! Unlike the 2000 page of the do-nothing for health-care bill. It should be the example, simple concise with out "ear-marks"; but I guess that would be expecting to much of this administration and this Congress. November 2010 and 2012 are sure to be significant, at least to this voter. Read quote:

"When people fear their government there is Tyranny, when government fears the people there is Freedom" .... Thomas Jefferson

Independant Federalist

Commenter: Big John
Obama can certainly speak well but that is not the issue. One of the points was to develop our natural resources (aka drill in Alaska?!). Another point was the further development of nuclear power (there is no such thing as clean, cheap, or safe nuclear power - remember 3 mile island?). In fact, Obama has continued the majority of Bush's programs including the US/Mexico wall, the war in Iraq, and the Patriot Act.

If Obama wants to represent "change" he needs to take action and not give empty promises. We need an end to the wars, universal health care for everyone (as the rest of the developed world has), and a return to basic American values such as free travel, free speech, and privacy.

Commenter: Marie
I was thrilled to hear him address so many issues. He was fair in that he addressed both parties, was clear about how he felt about the Supreme Court ruling on donations, and outlined his intentions well. I would like to see him/his administration speak up more quickly when misinformation is so freely disseminated.

For example, why aren't the Democrats pointing out the the last administration didn't even attempt to invite the Democrats on a crucial decision "because there wasn't enough time." Being "nice" to the Party of No won't cut it. I believe Pres. Obama should try to continue to engage them AND he should also be ready to speak out when the Republicans say no just for the sake of it.

I am biased but I believe the Republicans just don't want to see Pres. Obama succeed so they're not prepared to cooperate. They say that their recommendations are "not considered." What they mean is their"philosophical" beliefs are not "enacted."
Instead they should be looking at what's good for their constituents and the country at large.
Thanks for the soapbox.

Commenter: phil divecchio
i thought it was a very good speech. considering what he inherited and republican opposition to anything he does,even if they agree, i give him alot of credit. if the american people would remember how we got into this mess and try to be patient the only agenda the president has is to make this country a better place for all americans. there's enough to go around for everybody.

Commenter: Dorothy Ralphs
So far I have not seen one adverse comment regarding his speech. I don't think it was that great, we need enthusiastic leadership not apologies.

Healthcare is not in crisis, I love my insurance. The country is in crisis. Businesses are scared, thhey do not know what the future holds except more spending by the Government. Remember the Government has no money of its own, whatever they spend they have to take from all of us.

I am struggling to survive as it is, but I will take care of my family and not a dime from the government.

I think Obama is out of his depth and really does not have any idea about what to do to get the country back to a thriving economy.

Commenter: Betty Simmons
President Obama is performing very well in a very difficult political environment. He projects a genuine caring attitude for those who have little or nothing. He is a refreshing change in Washington and I am supporting him with prayers. He is trying to help those who cannot help themselves, which sets him apart from any person I have ever seen in politics.

Commenter: trebor klow
His speech was pathetic.Still blaming the past administration for his own failures.Big government, out of control reckless spending and a weak milatary are not the hallmarks of a great leader.For those who thought Obama was some great constitutional scholar, You are truly Delusional.The supreme court didn't open up the flood gates to foreign corparate spending, they were defending the first amendment and free speech.Sadly the election of Barak Obama was historic,not because of his race,but because of his ideaolgy.He's the purist statist ever elected to the presidency of these Unided States.God help us all!

Commenter: Carol F. Clemons
I thought his message was right on point. He is attempting to do what he said he was going to do and I feel he is making progress in building the economy (if a man is bleeding to death a doctor will first stop the bleeding before he begans any other type of treatment. I also agree with his approach to both wars. His weakness, and I believe he has conquered that is that he thought the "OLD GUARD" would operate under the rules of decency and fair play. Deception is all around him. If his policies continue to benefit Americans, the Republicans will not be able to take back their seats in Congress, therefore they will fight every policy and continue to lie and lie again.

Commenter: Carol King
I think it was good. The State of the Country when he took office was trillions in debt, the banking system in shambles, the economy nose diving, most countries in the world hating us or thinking how stupid Americans were because of Bush and the Republican party. The President has turned so much around for the better and it is changing for the better but it will take time to undo a so many years of bad leadership, bad politics and bad regulation.

Commenter: Donna Lomuscio
I think he did as well as can be expected. I don't think he's kept his promises. But then there has never been a president who has, how can they. The gov machine they work in is broken....the whole system is broken, nothing will change just more of the same. I live in MA and its the same here the system itself is broken. We need a new one and thats not going to happen in this lifetime.

Commenter: Robert
Obama has to get down and dirty. He is much too timid and aloof. He has to go after his political opponents much more aggressively. I don't think he realizes the gravity of the situation his country is in. REFORM must happen!

Commenter: Pirkko Miller
President Obama,
Your speech was wonderful. You are working so hard!
I wish the GOP were more on the ball and not such ney sayers to everything.
One person cannot right all the wrongs that were there from the last, inept administration.
Please, take care of yourself.
The First lady, Michelle also is a role model to milions of women!

Commenter: Carol Freeland
Support small organic farmers!

Not agribusiness.

Commenter: Portia Wilson Wright
Eloquent. Honest. Intellectual and factual. There can be no rational and informed person who would (or should) believe that one man can repair an 8-year hole in the pocket of the country in less than one year. Had the President failed to rescue the banking thievery, the country would have fallen into a ruin that would have caused the Wall Street barons to jump from windows. For those who seek to diminish the reality of progress, let them step forth with a better alternative. I see nothing but the seduction of the cameras and elementary sound bites that wage an attack but present no solutions. As it relates to healthcare for America, how many Senators are willing to give up the insurance coverage that the taxpayers pay for them? What makes Congress believe they are inherently deserving of proper medical care but the constituency is not? It is time for reason to override politics. To Congress: Do what we sent you there to do: represent the people. Otherwise, carry your rear-ends home and pay for your own insurance out of your pockets and then call me.

Commenter: Sam Adams
State of the Union addresses are pep rallies at which the President does his best to put his administration's previous year in a good light and pass the buck where he can't. Obama's first SOTU speech did this. It was a little less pompous and polemic than most but was woefully short on substance (as they all are). This is the light in which SOTU addresses should be viewed and evaluated.

The behavior of the mostly congressional audiences at SOTU addresses always is pathetic--sophomoric in the extreme. They remind me of a cheer at high-school football games back in the 1950s: "Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Yaaaaaaay!"

Commenter: tuxcat
I loved Obama's speech. I actually cheered out loud when he mentioned the obstuctionist republicans who put politics before serving the american people whom elected them, scolded the supreme courts decision to let corporation donate unlimited amounts of money to buy elections (they already have enough power), I also have hoped for a bipartisan congress as I see it as more effective for the american than the current gridlock which seems to have been in place since Bush I. I think with all the major problems facing american, 2 wars, a close call with the great depression 2, global warming, unemployment that was also a part of the recession mostly created by George Bush and the health care crisis, I believe Obama faced more than most presidents. The Great Depression took more than a decade to recover from, many people were already preparing for a depression instead of a recession. It's really bad out there and unfortunately recovery takes time. This downturn will be the 3rd (we have not bottomed in my area yet) since we bought our home. I also get really angry at how the republicans try to spin the last administrations debacles getting American in the current economic mess. Don't blame Bush they say, why not it's true. How stupid to they think we are. And after Alan Greenspan even said that the theories(no regulation, Ann Rand ...) he based his decisions on were flawed. Meaning we need to try other things besides the same old republican solutions (no regulation, tax cuts for the corporation and wealthy)which we've now learned didn't work. If we continue with the same republican solutions we will find ourselves in the great depression II. Our memories are longer than a year, give us more credit than that.

Commenter: fred Brockmann
I thought he struck just the right tone, he laid it on theline to the Reublican obstructionists that the people are fed up with their policy of no. Better yet his televised meeting with the Republican caucus today was similar in that he told them in no uncertain way when they were distorted information that they were doing so. His list of all the Republican suggestions put the lie to their claim that they have been shut out of the process. Obama is back and his intelligent and forceful comebacks to GOP jibes was impressive and reinforced his image of an intelligent, thoughtful, and strong leader.

Commenter: darlene king
I think his speech was as good as it could be under the circumstances.

I loved his direct, honest statements. People should not expect a strategic plan out of a 'state of the union' speech. It's two different things. Americans have no staying power. They want everything to be 'an aspirin and go to bed'. How can Obama undo 8 years of Bush in only one year, especially with all those 'do nothing, negative, sit on your hands' small-minded Republicans. What a worthless bunch of empty suits!. Yes, I liked Obama's speech.

Commenter: Leigh
I'm so proud to have President Obama in office! His speech was rousing, he touched on every issue that was of any concern to either party. He has had ONE year to assist America in recovering from a recession, war, record job-loss, the housing crises, car companies, health care, education, AIG, and we could go on! As he has stated all along these things don't straighten themselves out overnight and I commend him for his job not only addressing these topics but actually dealing each of these issues. I look forward to more progress and hope the House and Senate will move forward as well. They are OUR public servants and are hampering our countries progress which is infuriating! The petty politics is disgusting to any educated Americans who actually follow, it's no more than an on-going race to slander and impeed progress. The President seemed fed up with it as well and I'm glad he is showing it and pushing to get issues like health care (which should be a basic right to any human from birth in a leading nation) pushed through. I'd love to know if any Republicans had a better plan on his desk for him to review, or are they saving ideas for the next race while America suffers!
These are basic rights people, we aren't a third world country where only the wealthy get care but we are quickly turning into it! How many of us don't have dental or vision care but once many times has your employer had to change insurance policies? We have let insurance companies and pharmacuticals dictate our care for too long! Wake up America!
If we don't start looking at the bigger picture, start addressing how behind our country is in education, clean fuel and energy, health care, our time of being the "leading nation" will quickly pass as will our middle/upper middle class! I don't want to start learning another language because we were a nation too passive to actually do anything about these issues! Our current President is determined to actually do something about it let's give him the opportunity and the respect he deserves!

Commenter: Barbara Gregory
I think we all should work together and stop the fillabustering, negative crying and try to get something done. The ones who are against everything are just hoping and praying that all his work will fail and they can say I told you so. It's no wonder were in such a time a trouble.

There should be only two terms for all in elective office and that their pensions should be for that time only and collected at 62 or older. They should have to ask the people for a raise not just vote it in,thmeselves while the other of us get no cola or raises. Their health care should be just like our, paid out of their pockets, and no free rides. And there should be no Lobbyist with the free hand out to all of the representives who are supposed to be working for the people. In God we trust

Commenter: ginny
Just more political rhetoric.

Politics as usual.

I'm looking for him to "lead" us to prosperity.

Forgiving other countries debts to us and giving away my tax money is only leading me to more debt.

He needs to stop pontificating and start to take on the big dogs.

Develop a real Health Care Reform and get programs that start putting folks back to work.

I could go on and on but I think he will do just what he wants to do and then crow about it.

Like I said just more of the same ol politics.

In closing he did manage to rev up the war in Afgan. and win a "peace prize" in the process. What a joke.


Commenter: Rebecca
People have very unrealistic expectations about what our president can accomplish, especially with the Republicans voting "NO" on everything because they are determined that he shall fail...Yes, I do think he is doing an admirable job under the circumstances.

Commenter: Camille
I think that Obama is making the right choices cased on what he has been informed with. He is very right about our health care. I think that the Republicans have screwed the American People for many generations because the had insurance and they never looked at the working class and the generations coming behind them the Wages and no insurance on jobs is why our country is so in debt and we hire illegals and give the American citizens the boot. I hate being educated and working for minimum wages next to illegals who think they can just walk right into our country and get benefits that they have not paid into.I feel that the American Businessman were greedy without a plan of action on how to employ people of the U.S. and give wages that could pay their basic expenses. Our country has been behind with helping the Americans Citizens and they need to stop downplaying the welfare and Social Security because there are more than you think now having to fall on the welfare system to survive.

Commenter: Carol Bryan
Passing the old health care reform that wouldn't even pass, isn't really health care reform. We need single payer.

Will Obama, Can Obama live up to hi rhetoric?

We do not need so called clean nuclear power until we are able to safely dispose of the wastes without polluting our planet. Who do you think you are kidding?

Commenter: Carl
I felt President Obama's State of the Union speech was excellent! I felt he pretty much nailed it! In rocky times, Americans should rise to the occasion, and get something done! Right now, to me, Republicans look like they have their heads up their they are obstructing progress. They had their shot, now all they can do is obstruct. But Mr. Obama is right...if all they can do is obstruct, if all they can do is nothing, they are on the hook as well!

Please do not cancel this marvelous news show!

Commenter: Judith Krain
I think he told the truth even though it was difficult for many of us to hear.

It seems, given the current corporatist stranglehold over our elected officials, that the Republicans will not represent the will of the people but rather the will of their corporate sponsors.

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