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Poster: Annika
Caption: First, I want a stimulus package that will solve the financial crisis. Failing that, a pony will do.

Poster: Dolly M
Caption: Here are the reasons you should be my new Director of Faith-Based initiatives.

Poster: Twest
Caption: I want an Xbox and ten million new green jobs. Doable?

Poster: SammyCat
Caption: ...and finally, I'd really really like my old job back. And you don't have to wait until December 25.

Poster: Anna Boyle Daniher
Caption: We're in dire straits. I'll take whatever you have. I've been very good!

Poster: Anonymous
Caption: I'm really sorry about the sinking of your North Pole home and workshop. How about a condo in Hawaii??

Poster: Karl Stuart Kline
Caption: As long as I'm doing a wish list, how's chances of getting George to return the country in as good a shape as he found it?

Poster: Karl Stuart Kline
Caption: What I'd REALLY like is a full set of NOW DVDs for the Presidential Library!

Poster: Kal
Caption: What I really want is a magic wand!

Poster: A.D. Powell
Caption: A hypoallergenic puppy and a few trillion dollars, please.

Poster: Helen
Caption: Ho, Ho, Ho! I want everything for Christmas by fixing our problems! Give me toys!

Poster: Dawn Bushman
Caption: And finally, I'd like to discuss trade opportunities with you and your elves, without preconditions.

Poster: Guy G
Caption: and a talking "Joe-the-plumber" would be awsome!

Poster: Scott Lawrence
Caption: and lastly fix the economy, thanks Santa.

Poster: George Corneliussen
Caption: And three million jobs,let me list them for you.

Poster: EmilyJ
Caption: Gosh, Santa, I'm glad you asked...

Poster: Ilof Musich
Caption: ...so I'll have my people get with your people to formulate a plan to use the internet to its'full potential in your field.It worked for me!

Poster: Virginia Abraham, LPN, CMT
Caption: So, Santa, Please deliver us a way to put the "demo" back into the minds of the Americans in "Democracy!"

Poster: Wendy
Caption: For the last time, Santa old buddy, taking from the rich and giving to the poor is my job!

Poster: Diane Jones
Caption: I would like a Superman suit and the magic powers that go with it.

Poster: Gregor
Caption: I'd like Peace on earth and good will toward all men... Just Kidding... unless you can actually do it. Oh, and could you give George W. Bush a soul?

Poster: Mark Pashia
Caption: Kid looking at watch: If his list is any longer, I will be an adult before I get to talk with Santa!

Poster: Liz in PA
Caption: .. and a super-cool, hypoallergenic, housebroken manly puppy ... and a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence China, Pakistan and India" ... and for the Chicago Bulls to make it to the finals ... and Elizabeth Flynn, 45, wefly@hotmail.com, Pennsylvania

Poster: Julie
Caption: "By the way, Santa, you live in the North Pole. Can you see Russia from your front porch?"

Poster: Richard NYC
Caption: First, thanks for LAST year's wish! O.K. - Global Warming is hitting you hard and I've got voters wondering how I can end the wars when every member of my cabinet is a Hawk. I'll force Detroit to make only Hybrid & Electric cars and the Oil Co's to stop drilling in ANWAR if you give these cry-babies some PEACE ON EARTH, jobs, education that competes with the developed world, a Health Plan, clean air & water financial security for those who actually pay taxes, accountability for our Trillion $$ bailout, prosecution for those who committed war crimes while in Office, restoration of the Constitution and NO MORE TORTURE. Deal?

Poster: Sharmuse
Caption: All I want is a balanced budget, world peace and an end to global climate change.

Poster: Bill Hegerich
Caption: "... and that leads me to 110, 111, 112 on my list, Santa; change the suit from red to green, fuel the sleigh with corn ethanol bio-fuel, and finally, replace the dirty coal you're leaving in President Bush's stocking with clean energy credits!!!

Poster: Terry Pinyerd
Caption: "Just keep my name out of this thingie about the selling of MY Senate seat, which, of course, I knew nothing about 'cause I'm all about change!"

Poster: Grady Lee Howard
Caption: "The snow's comin' down, on our little town, and it's been fallin' all day long. Our road is covered up in a blanket of dreams, and the trees are all boughing to our needs." (Santa is startled to discover Barack immersed in an L.L. Bean delusion of consumerism)

Poster: K Davis
Caption: So how do you deliver to everyone in just 1 nite.

Poster: Hao
Caption: Santa, can you deliver all my supporters' wishes within my first term?

Poster: Deb
Caption: First, let me commend you on your use of clean alternative fuel. Second, let's discuss the issue of reindeer poop!

Poster: Kay Kush
Caption: Santa, I know that those poor Republican kids just don't understand right now, but, with you and I and my team working together, we can 1) stabilize the economy, 2) diversify the US and the world, 3)increase education expectations, 4)improve foreign relations, 5) stop global warming 6) find a cure for AIDS, 7)......

Poster: gas mel
Caption: And then, I need...

Poster: Grace Toy
Caption: Where do I begin to tell you what I want for the country...?!

Poster: Chris C
Caption: ...and I'd like a bright future and happiness not just for black or white children, not just for male or female children, not just for tall or short children, not just for obese or anorexic children, not just for stable or dysfunctional children, not just for underprivileged or overprivileged children, not just for younger or older children…

Poster: Rebecca Squires
Caption: Santa, you know what I asked for last December? I need to ask for a few more miracles!

Poster: E. Bonaparte
Caption: Can you get 'you know who' out of the white house for christmas?

Poster: Linda Johnson
Caption: and a nice big polar bear for our zoo in New York

Poster: Barbara Bacon
Caption: All I want for Christmas are more Clinton administration re-treads.

Poster: serame mokgakala
Caption: Give me wealth to spread around!

Poster: Debbie Lackowitz
Caption: Kids, just give me a minute this is really important. Santa, I was just elected the 44th President of the United States, and I just can't wait to be Prez! However, the current President (43) has kind of messed things up (a lot!). What I need (like yesterday) is an infusion of cash (say $1.0 Trillion), a health care plan, a sane foreign policy, bring our troops home, turn our economy "green", new "green" jobs for our unemployed, oh and save the planet. Hey, if you can manage it, a hypoallergenic puppy for Sasha and Malia! And for Michelle, well I'll take care of that! Thanks!

Poster: Moji Agha
Caption: I want a pair of shoes, umm... that are so heavy, um...that can't be thrown at me after 8 years, no matter how naughty I may be.

Poster: Darrell Marcy
Caption: He wants so many things. Who does he think he is, the president.

Poster: Carrole Phillips
Caption: A large bag of endless unconditional love to everyone and everything on the planet. Christmas Carrole

Poster: pal
Caption: one million Afghan corpses, a more covert American hegemony, and clean coal in everyone's stockings

Poster: Todd
Caption: Santa, do you make over $250,000 a year?

Poster: David E
Caption: ...two years to close Git-mo, some pesticide for the poppies, a Taliban Anonymous program for the ISI, HD screens with more pixels for the Predator Pilots, some obfuscation fairy dust for the HMOs-vs-Single-Payer-debate...

Poster: David E, VA
Caption: Let's see, I want two years to close Guantanamo, some poppy pesticide for the warlords' stockings, a Taliban Anonymous program for the ISI, a bunch of HD screens with more pixels for the Predator Pilots....some obfuscation fairy dust for the HMO-vs-Single-Payer-debate...

Poster: Keith Lebbing
Caption: Hey Santa I want the abilty to create miracles, I want the to win the hearts of the poor and destitute, and I want to be worshiped for 2000 years, Just like that last guy you replaced whats his face,Jesus.

Poster: Ed Howard
Caption: You realize, of course, that if you give these three children gifts now, they will only be back in another three months for more.

Poster: Robert Ziegler
Caption: Gosh Santa, what I'd really like for Christmas is that the entire G.W.Bush Administration and its cronies to be brought to justice for their flagrant dissolution of the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Can You do that? Really? Can ya'?

Poster: David
Caption: (young boy looking at his watch) " Geez, I thought the national election was long"

Poster: Don
Caption: Yes You Can, Santa...

Poster: Michael S
Caption: Where to start, first a few GOOD regulators, a promising future for Social Security, Medicare, Health care and a solution for the $10+ Trillion debt left by the last administration....any chance you could help me on the economy?

Poster: Brenda Ruth
Caption: Santa, Would you be a part of my Transition Team? Please give everyone a gift of the "Yes We Can!" spirit, as you travel the earth this season. Help all to see that we really can work together in the U.S. to create the country that is truly..."For, Of and By The People"

Poster: Rick
Caption: And that is why Bush and Cheney should never be taken off the naughty list.

Poster: George W. Bush
Caption: I want to duck if I get a shu at me like the best presidn't just didly. hehe.

Poster: Laurie Neeno
Caption: If I appoint you as Automotive Czar, can you and the elves show the Big 3 how to run things properly And whistle while you work?

Poster: Con Spirrison
Caption: Well - the economy, health care, global waming, quality education, and ending our historical passion for keeping a few people very wealthy by insisting on war as a solution - all things I've been elected to handle - can you just get the Chicago Cubs to win the world series? You see, I do believe in miracles!

Poster: Karl Stuart Kline
Caption: Santa, that crybaby that's throwing a tantrum behind me is Ann Coulter - She's been like that ever since the election!

Poster: Arleen Schindler
Caption: Hey Santa, do you think it's too late for a recount - I've been good but......

Poster: Mary C. in Cary, NC
Caption: Let me run a few more ideas by you for the US economy.

Poster: Chris K
Caption: kid looking at watch, "Wow, if he even gets half of what he wants, that'd be a real miracle!"

Poster: Michael Williams
Caption: I would like to reduce the trade deficit with China, create 10 million green jobs for the U.S., get the majority of the troops out of Iraq, lessen our dependence on foreign oil, restabilize our financial institutions, fire the big 3 CEOs . . .

Poster: Tek Jansen
Caption: Then I'd like another $10 Trillion for Wall Street & another 2 million soldiers for my armies.

Poster: Ron Amoroso
Caption: I would like a "Health Care Bailout", a "Education Bailout", a Social Security Bailout", oh, and a "Middle East Bailout".

Poster: Ilana Slaff Galatan
Caption: from Obama: Can you give me the same money for health care and education as we did for Wall Street? Can you give me a manual on how to exit from Iraq? Can you create some jobs, just four million? Can you... From the first boy: What is taking so long? From the second boy: I don't have so much time. From the girl: My mommy said she can only buy my antibiotics for Christmas.

Poster: Hisham
Caption: I don't want a WII or ipod, all i want is $700b. I want to help these kids out so bad.

Poster: Judy Butler
Caption: Santa, I will need you, all your elves and all those Santa helpers spread around the country to pitch in and help fix this mess.

Poster: Nick LaDart, 26, Atlanta, GA
Caption: Santa: "Barack, I just told you thirty minutes ago neither I nor the Elves are capable of fixing the U.S. economy - we are strictly in the toy industry."

Poster: Ray Trudell
Caption: What do you mean you shut down the North Pole, and moved all your manufacturing to China?

Poster: Alfred R. Sheppard
Caption: Hey Santa-I know Barack is new - and he's a big boy but with the problems he's inherited - Christmas will be over...

Poster: andrei
Caption: obama:first,give me strength and wisdom to crack down terrorist!

Poster: Karl Stuart Kline
Caption: Sorry, Santa; that bailout that my predecessor promised for the toy industry is no longer viable!

Poster: Marilyn S & L
Caption: Could you arrange for me to use my Blackberry without letting out the Classified Secrets? Please?

Poster: David Wright
Caption: This little piggy went to the market. That little piggy fleeced the shareholders. These little piggies used their golden parachutes. This little piggy was late and got none. And this little piggy went "me me me me me" all the way to the Federal Reserve. Santa, can you bail out the rest of us with 20 trillion from next years delivery?

Poster: Nick Wheeler, NYC
Caption: from Obama (I hope): Yes, I am going to have RIck Warren, who equated gay marriage to incest and pedophiliac marriage, at the inauguration because I am going to give everyone a voice. I will ultimately move on the anti-war (which might even include Afghanistan and Pakistan), progressive, grassroots, average champaign contribution of $82, anti-torture (which McCain was also for), closing gitmo, and maybe some other good stuff I mentioned in my agenda. Although I supported FISA, hired a patriot act attorney general, a couple Rubin economic advisors Volcker, Summers and Geithne (even though Greenspan has basically admitted the free market doesn't work), an expert who said Hamas was at fault (without mentioning that Israel too broke international law, way to start diplomacy) my main aim is to restore democracy and end suffering.

Poster: Hung
Caption: Santa, I'd like a "Happily ever after," and change. Lots of change.

Poster: Kathy from the South Pole
Caption: Santa, all jokes set aside; because it is just not funny any more, a lot of people are hurting, from investment frauds, mortgage abuse, give away our tax payer money to businesses that do not have to be accountable sense the beginning of this, so called war in Iraq, which is actually an invasion by the United States, including the lives that have been taken in the name of... democracy; now that is funny, not to mention, the 700 billion dollar bailout? I see the kid looking at his watch and my list is long, I have not started in about Global Warming, but Santa, I believe I do believe in miracles and with hope, prayer and compassion from all,we can survive with our dignity, so Santa, all I want for Christmas is for this administration to pay for their incompetence and derelict of duties to their country and constitutional obligations. It seems that impeachment may be out of the question, but accountability is not. What they have done is criminal. God Bless You Santa, for you have your work cut out for you this year to answer to all those in need.

Poster: Seth Pinyerd
Caption: Parents in America who do their jobs!

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