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John Green
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The Separation of Church and State
Interviews from both sides of the debate.

God’s Country
Related Resources on this week's show

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Politics and Economy:
God's Country?
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The links below point to the most specific website pages related to this week’s show. We have also included documents made available to us while investigating the story.

  • Letter of complaint
    Letter of complaint sent in January 2006 to the IRS by a group of Ohio clergymen accusing two churches of political activities that violate IRS tax codes.

  • Second Letter of complaint
    A second letter sent earlier this month alleging that the churches are continuing to act unlawfully.

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU)
    "Buckeye Backlash" comments on the Ohio complaint
    A Washington D.C.-based organization that works to defend the separation of church and state. This links to a March 2006 AU feature commenting on the complaint against two conservative Evangelical churches.

  • Beliefnet
    "David Barton & the 'Myth' of Church-State Separation"
    An article on the activities of David Barton, a conservative Christian advocate.

  • Interfaith Alliance
    A religious group based in Washington D.C. that works "to promote interfaith cooperation around shared religious values." This links to an article profiling David Barton.

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Compliance issues
    The agency’s page on political compliance issues related to charities and non-profit organizations.

  • IRS – Political activities compliance initiative
    In February 2006, the IRS released a report on the agency's examination of political activity by tax-exempt organizations during the 2004 election campaign. It concluded there was some level of prohibited political activity by nearly three-quarters of the cases reviewed. Adobe Acrobat required.

  • IRS – New procedures for 2006 election season
    In conjunction with the report, the agency introduced new procedures for the 2006 election season, which provide additional guidance to charities regarding political activities.

  • IRS – Remarks by the IRS Commissioner
    The head of the IRS, Mark W. Everson, spoke in Cleveland, Ohio, in February 2006, shortly after the complaint was filed.

  • Kingdom Coming
    A new book by Michelle Goldberg, who is a senior political reporter for, on "the fundamental religious movement determined to remake America."

  • Ohio Restoration Project
    The project, led by Rev. Russell Johnson, recruits "patriot pastors" to mobilize voters and spread "traditional family values."

  • The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
    The Forum offers a variety of resources on the relationship between religion and politics, including reports, event transcripts, polling data and news clips.

  • Reformation Ohio
    Founded by Rev. Rod Parsley, the group is a partnership of several local and national ministries, with the goal of bringing "spiritual revival and moral reformation to the state over the next four years."

  • Sojourners
    "The Dwindling Religious Middle", an article on politics and religion in Ohio
    This Washington D.C. based group defines itself as "A Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice." This links to an article on the issue of politics and religion in Ohio.

  • Sojourners – Ohio town hall meeting
    Clips and coverage from a town hall meeting in Columbus, Ohio on March 26, 2006 where Jim Wallis, head of Sojourners and Rev. Russell Johnson, head of the Ohio Restoration Project, debate the issue of faith and politics in America. Registration may be required.

  • Underonetent
    An Ohio-based group founded "on the idea that an informed and engaged public is the only defense against religious and political extremism."

  • WallBuilders
    Set up by David Barton, a conservative Christian advocate, with the goal of "exerting a direct and positive influence in government, education, and the family."

  • We Believe Ohio
    An organization of religious leaders that is against "crossing the lines that separate the institutions of religion and government." Links to a press release on a town hall meeting featuring Jim Wallis and Russell Johnson.

  • White House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives
    The office was set up by President George W. Bush in 11 Federal agencies to expand the role of faith-based organizations and community groups in providing social services.

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