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NEW on NOW: Civil rights groups and some lawmakers were outraged when President Bush admitted authorizing eavesdropping without court approval on American citizens suspected of having links to terrorist organizations. Was the move necessary to protect Americans? Find out more about the domestic spying controversy that has some calling for a Congressional investigation. And see who's who in the intelligence game after 9/11. Plus, celebrate Sunshine Week with journalists and citizens around the nation.

NOW has covered the delicate balancing act between civil liberties and national security since its debut. Make use of NOW's coverage of civil liberties and national security to get the facts, hear the debate and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

  • Debate — Balancing Civil Liberties and National Security
  • Facts and Figures — What You Know Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, Take a Freedom of Speech Quiz
  • Resource Maps — State Freedom of Information Laws, Find Your Attorney General
  • Features and More — Patriot Act II, Freedom of Speech on Campus, The Case of the Toxic Releases Inventory

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Recent Stories
CONSTITUTION AND CONTROVERSY: The President's domestic spying controversy. Plus, how did the 9/11 Commission want to change U.S. intelligence services? And, is COINTELPRO returning?
Police officers
DOMESTIC ISSUES: Another look at the CIA leak case. The ACLU's Anthony Romero on the state of U.S. liberty. In "Going Undercover," "Criminalizing Dissent" and "Veil of Secrecy" NOW looked at some of the effects the War on Terror has had on freedom of information and public dissent.
Red Cross Tent
INTERNATIONAL ISSUES: Explore the history of the Geneva Conventions. Where does America stand on international courts? What happens when government secrecy and the press come into conflict? Find out with the BBC vs. Tony Blair.
Abu Ghraib prisoner
PRISONER RIGHTS: The Supreme Court on prisoner's rights at Guantanamo. Read the memos detailing America's policy. Plus, former Abu Ghraib prisoner Haj Ali's story. Lawyer Scott Horton talks about the explosive memos broken by NEWSWEEK (read the memos, too). Ron Daniels about the fallout from a Pentagon report.
WPA Poster: Civil Liberties in War Time
DEBATE: A special panel of experts of all stripes discuss civil liberties after 9/11. Writer and publisher Steven Brill makes the case for heightened security measures. Journalist Nat Hentoff argues for a more vigilant defense of civil liberties than ever.
Statue of Liberty
FACTS AND FIGURES: Find out what you know because of the Freedom of Information Act. An Eventful History: View a timeline of American civil liberties during wartime. Remember the Red Scare? Can you burn the flag? Test your Freedom of Speech knowledge.
WPA poster: Neighborhood Fingerprint Center
RESOURCE MAPS: And explore your states' open records laws. Track proposed legislation online and check up on your state Attorney General.
Protest March
FEATURES: Freedom of information and the toxics release inventory. NOW helps expose the explosive draft of Patriot Act II. What's the state of freedom of speech on campus after 9/11? Plus, review our history of academic freedom and a look at protests now and then.
Top Secret
VOICES: FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. David Brancaccio talked with the Center for Constitutional Rights' Also, Bill Moyers talked with the AP's Ron Curley, who recently called for greater openness in government.

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