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Politics and Economy:
The Balance Sheet: Economy 2003 on NOW
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Balance Sheet

Money is on everyone's mind: Americans just dug into their pockets to pay their taxes, the markets are unsteady, and unemployment rates are high. While the federal deficit is set to reach record levels, some Republicans are reportedly looking for ways to retaliate against Senate Finance Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA), because he promised to cap the President's tax cut to $350 billion in order to move the federal budget through Congress. (That figure is less than half of the amount that President Bush requested.)

Below, review NOW's past coverage of the U.S. economy on both a personal and macro-economic level, and learn about some of the financial issues government and individuals are currently facing.

Voices from the NOW message boards

"Very little attention is given to the fact that the higher the taxes on a corporation, the lower the profit, and the fewer job opportunities they can offer to a educated, trained worker like myself."

"Please keep in mind that when we give tax cuts to the wealthiest corporations we most likely will not be rewarded with instant job growth . The economy happens on the smallest end of markets: grocery, restaurants, clothing, car repair, fuel, convenience, etc. If we continue to reward those who already have success we will keep creating a stronger and stronger plutocracy. "

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Pile of cash
The Great Tax Cut Debate. Figures and philosophies from both sides. And the furor over the inheritance tax.
Women working on plane
Find your local employment office with our Resource Map. The state of American unions and working and not working worldwide.
Congress contemplates new overtime legislation. What's in the small print? Track the Family Time Flexibility Act online. Plus, who works most worldwide?
Piggy bank
Can you have both guns and butter? What will your state cut in hard times? Meet an Oregon county commissioner who's making hard decisions.
Helicopters in Vietnam
Debating the costs of waging war? Views on the bills now coming due.
Family and Money
The Offshore Shell Game. Read our update on corporate tax havens. Also, how does your tax rate compare to Microsoft's?
Executives and workers
Ever wonder how much the CEO makes? NOW compares executive compensation worldwide.
Enron logo
Remembering Enron. NOW updates the fate of corporate criminals.
Hand holding money
Do the rich just get richer? Bill Moyers interviews Kevin Phillips, author of WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY. Plus, who in the world lives on a dollar a day? And income disparity in the Western world.

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