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Politics and Economy:
NOW's Election 2004

Both presidential candidates have comprehensive education platforms — and both will have to deal with a changing student body with complex needs. (Learn more about education platforms from PBS's By the People.)This week, NOW tells the story of an innovative highschool with targets older immigrants and at-risk students. Learn more about the successes of Manhattan Night and Day Comprehensive.

Make use of NOW's coverage of education issues to get the facts, explore opinions and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

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Democracy Tools
DEBATE: It's the cornerstone of the Bush Education Plan. Find out more about the debate over the No Child Left Behind Act. The Supreme Court has weighed, now it's your turn — the voucher debate. Also, should schools sell ad space or soft-drink monopolies to finance programs?
Teacher and student at chalkboard
FACTS AND FIGURES: The United States ranks twenty-two percent below the international average in math scores. But the U.S. ranks near the top worldwide in educating girls. Also, our kids are getting fatter — can school programs stop the trend?
Pencil and test paper
RESOURCE MAPS: How's your school district doing? What's the dropout rate in your state? Also, find out how your state rates in the Center for Disease Control's school health report card.
Children saluting flag
FEATURES: Learn more about the history of American public education. Bob Moses and the Algebra Project. School Prayer? When did the pledge of allegiance incorporate "under God?" What's the state of free speech on campus? And, are we selling out our schools?

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