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NOW's Election 2004
Checking on the Environment

As the nation celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, enviromental issues are finally getting some public play in the campaign. (Check in on the Kerry and Bush environmental platforms. On August 25, 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency released new data showing that pollution in one out of every three lakes and nearly one out of every four rivers in the U.S. is so severe that people should avoid eating fish caught there. The figures also showed that now 48 out of 50 states issued fish advisories in 2003, up from 44 in 1993.

The EPA says that the increased numbers result from greater monitoring, not more pollution. However, as reported on NOW, the President's mercury emissions standard policy remains an issue in the 2004 election. Democratic candidate John Kerry has criticized the pace of the White House plan which calls for a reduction in power plant emissions of 29 percent by 2010 and 69 percent by 2018.

Make use of NOW's coverage of the environmental issues to get the facts, review opinions and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

  • Debate — Global Warming, Genetically Modified Food, The Clear Skies Program
  • Facts and Figures — Auto Emissions, World Water Wasters, History of the Clean Air Act, PCB Facts and Laws
  • Resource Maps — Local Environmental Quality, Toxic Emissions, Ecycling
  • Features and More — National Parks in Danger? The Roadless Rule, Kids and Chemicals, Mercury in Fish

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Smog protest, Los Angeles, c. 1950s
DEBATE: See how the public debate over global warming has become political. Also, get perspectives from all sides on the Clear Skies Initiative. Plus, is genetically modified food the wave of the future?
Drops of water
FACTS AND FIGURES: The United States uses the most fresh water in the world. Get facts and laws on PCBs and mercury in the environment. Read the history of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. SUVs, emissions and driving green — a primer. Plus coal's role in the U.S. and worldwide.
WPA poster of a tree
RESOURCE MAPS: Check on the air and water quality with our Environmental Resource Map. Monitor homeland security and toxic spills. Find out where to get rid of toxic e-trash. Also, NOW has environmental safety checklists for your home, your school and your neighborhood.
Hiker in a red rock canyon
FEATURES: Who's monitoring our nuclear reactors? Why is the Mississippi Delta disappearing? Ken Cook on the pollution in people. The battle over the Roadless Rule. And, are our National Parks in danger?

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