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Campaign 2004
Politics and Economy:
NOW's Election 2004
Election Watch Tools

NOW's gathered some online tools to make the campaign season more informative. Start exploring with the links below.
  • Polls — Do You Know How to Evaluate an Opinion Poll?
  • Media Watch — Media Literacy at Home and Abroad
  • Resource Maps — Find Out What's On the Ballot in YOUR State
  • Research Resources — Tracking Legislation, Campaign Finance and More

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Democracy Tools
Woman voting
POLLS: Margin of error? When and how did polling become so important? Plus, tips for professionals on evaluating opinion polls.
Woman reading newspaper
MEDIA WATCH: Do your own political analysis at home with NOW's media watch resources. And, see what the rest of the world is saying about election 2004.
World map
RESOURCE MAPS: There's more on the ballot in November than the presidential contest. Find out what's at stake in your hometown. Check up on those you elected last go-round with our state legislature map.
Wilson election poster
RESEARCH RESOURCES: Use the Internet to track legislation. See how the U.S. ranks in voter turnout. More sites worth a second look.

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