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Politics and Economy:
NOW's Election 2004
Trade Issues

Make use of NOW's coverage of trade and globalization to get the facts, brush up on the issues under debate and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.
  • Debate — Free and Fair Trade and Globalization
  • Facts and Figures — Unemployment in the U.S. and Worldwide, Job Migration
  • Resource Maps — Employment Help and Your Local Representatives
  • Features and More — Winners and Losers in the Trade Exchange, Rich World, Poor Women, NAFTA's Chapter 11

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Democracy Tools
Map of the World
DEBATE: Find out more about the discussion on globalization. Read what both sides have to say about NAFTA and other free trade plans then speak your mind on NOW's message boards.
Figures of people
FACTS AND FIGURES: Are U.S. jobs heading overseas? Take a look at job flight projections. The changing face of unemployment and a look at wages in the new millennium.
Textile mill in South Carolina
RESOURCE MAPS: Find employment assistance in your area. Contact your state representatives about the issues on your mind.
NAFTA code
FEATURES: NOW visits a community losing a factory in "Winners and Losers." Explore some of the effects of globalization on women. And, what's so important about NAFTA's Chapter 11?

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