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Bill Emmott Biography

Bill Emmott of THE ECONOMIST talks with David Brancaccio about news and America, viewed from abroad.

Bill Emmott
Bill Emmott is editor of THE ECONOMIST, the world's leading weekly magazine of international news, business, finance, economics, science, technology, culture and the arts.

After studying politics, philosophy and economics, at Magdalen College, Oxford, he moved to Nuffield College to do postgraduate research into the French Communist party's spell in government in 1944-47.

Before completing that, however, he joined THE ECONOMIST's Brussels office, writing about EEC affairs and the Benelux countries. In 1982 he became the paper's Economics correspondent in London and the following year moved to Tokyo to cover Japan and South Korea. In mid-1986 he returned to London as Financial editor, in January 1989 he became Business Affairs editor, responsible for all the paper's coverage of business, finance and science. He was appointed to his present post in March 1993.

He has written three books on Japan. The first THE SUN ALSO SETS: THE LIMITS TO JAPAN'S ECONOMIC POWER, was published by Times books in New York and Simon & Schuster in London in autumn 1989. In February 1990 it was published in Japanese translation by Soshisha in Tokyo and became a number one best-seller there. The second, JAPAN'S GLOBAL REACH: THE INFLUENCE, STRATEGIES, AND WEAKNESSES OF JAPAN'S MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, was published by Century Business in London in September 1992. The Japanese edition was published by Soshisha and was another best-seller. In November 1993 Times Books published an edition adapted for the American market under the title JAPANOPHOBIA: THE MYTH OF THE INVINCIBLE JAPANESE. The third book, KANYRYO NO TAIZAI, or the bureaucrats' deadly sins, was published in June 1996 in Japanese only, by Soshisha.

In September 1999 he wrote an extended essay for THE ECONOMIST on the 20th century, called Freedom's Journey. His most recent book, 20/21 VISION: TWENTIETH-CENTURY LESSONS FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, was published by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux in the USA in February 2003.

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