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Man on Money
Politics and Economy:
Financial State of the Union
Income and Inequality

For most Americans the primary issues of their day to day life do fall under the umbrella of the famous campaign phrase "it's the economy, stupid." But what those personal issues are vary widely from outsourcing to the housing boom to disappearing pension plans. They range from executive pay to the minimum wage.

Make use of NOW's coverage of the U.S. income and inequality to get the facts, brush up on the issues under debate and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

  • The American Dream — Family Income Volatility, Housing Boom or Bust? Americans and Credit
  • Working in America — Working Off-the-Clock, Job Migration, The Changing Shape of Employment
  • Corporate Cultures — CEO Salaries, Corporate Reform, Timeline of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Pension Time — Pension Types, Pension Plan Problems
  • Life on Low Wages — The Minimum Wage, Hunger Insecurity, Income Disparity
  • Debate — Social Security Reform, Tax and Spending Priorities, Overtime Legislation, The New Bankruptcy Bill
  • Resource Maps — Employment and Hunger Help, State Budget Shortfalls

Democracy Tools
Family and money
THE AMERICAN DREAM: Is the American dream fading? Explore family income volatility. Find out who is the American middle class? Question: is it a housing boom or bust? Plus, mortgage, credit, and bankruptcy — need-to-knows.
WORKING IN AMERICA: Are jobs heading overseas? And a look at wages and job creation in the new millennium. Compare U.S. and world work hours Is there a working class majority in America?
CORPORATE CULTURES: Find out how much the big boss makes. The U.S. leads the Western world in income inequality. Compare corporate tax rates and yours. Plus, check in on the post-Enron state of corporate reform.
PENSION PAINS: What's the cure for pension plan blues? Explore the laws governing pension plans. Find resources for dealing with pension problems.
Hand with cash
LIFE ON LOW WAGES: The challenges of life on a low wage. How is the minimum wage stacking up in today's work world? Plus who's the changing face of unemployment?
Work Poster
DEBATE: Join the Social Security debate. Find out more about the discussion on overtime pay legislation. Debate tax cuts and federal spending priorities.
RESOURCE MAPS: Find employment assistance in your area. What's the food insecurity rate in your state? Also, find out what your state might cut to balance its budget.

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