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Politics and Economy:
Shafeeq Ghabra
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Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra is the first president of the American University of Kuwait, which opens its door to students in the fall of 2004. Most recently having been professor of political science and director of the Center of Strategic and Future Studies at Kuwait University, Ghabra has also served as director of the Kuwait Information Office in Washington D.C., and editor-in-chief of the JOURNAL OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES at Kuwait University. Dr. Ghabra writes weekly columns on political affairs for Kuwait's daily AL RA'Y AL AM, Lebanon's daily AL NAHAR, AL SHARQ of Qatar, and the U.A.E.'s AL BAYAN.

Dr. Ghabra is a frequent lecturer on topics including Kuwait, Iraq, Arabian Gulf security and political issues, democratization in the Arab world, the Middle East peace process, Islamic affairs, Arab-Western relations, and the public opinions of Arabs and Americans vis-à-vis each other. He is a long-time advocate of democratic reform in the Middle East.

Author of four books and scores of articles and papers, Dr. Ghabra has received Kuwait's highest award for scientific research in the Humanities and Social Sciences from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, chaired by the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah. His PALESTINIANS IN KUWAIT: THE FAMILY AND THE POLITICS OF SURVIVAL was named by CHOICE magazine as Outstanding Academic Book of 1989. His most recent book, ISRAEL AND THE ARABS: FROM THE CONFLICT OF ISSUES TO THE PEACE OF INTERESTS, was published in 1997. Dr. Ghabra's latest article will appear in the forthcoming RADICALS AND REFORMERS ISLAMIST MOVEMENTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST, to be published by SUNI Press later this year.

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