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Will Hutton

From massive peace demonstrations in the major capitals of the Old World to "freedom fries" in the capital of the New, there's recently been visible tension in America's relations with Europe. Although discussions over the future of Iraq in the U.N. Security Council are mending some fences, boycotts and accusations of bad faith persist on both sides. Bill Moyers talks with Will Hutton about the friction between the United States and Europe. An old friend of America's but a friendly critic as well, Hutton has titled his new book A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE: WHY AMERICA SHOULD JOIN THE WORLD.

Will Hutton
Will Hutton

Will Hutton joined The Industrial Society as Chief Executive in 2000. Since then he has worked to move the Society from its more recent role as an organization primarily known for its training activities (1970s-1990s), towards becoming an organization that can most closely adhere to the ideals on which the Society was conceived in the 1920s, as a charity whose mission is to improve working life. He has seen the Society through the development and growth of the Futures and Policy departments, and most recently, the decision to sell the training business, change its name to The Work Foundation, and focus on activities, which will make a high impact on the quality of working lives of the people of Britain.

Hutton began his career as a stockbroker and investment analyst, moving on to work in TV and radio. Directly prior to joining The Industrial Society, Hutton had spent four years as editor in chief of THE OBSERVER and Director of the Guardian National Newspapers. He continues to write a weekly column for THE OBSERVER.

Hutton has written several books, including THE STATE WE'RE IN (1995) and THE WORLD WE'RE IN (2002). He is Director of the London International Festival of Theatre and of LAMDA, Governor of the London School of Economics, Visiting Professor for Manchester University Business School, and a Member of the Design Council's Millennium Commission.

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