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Frances Moore Lappé
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David Brancaccio talks with Frances Moore Lappé about her new book DEMOCRACY'S EDGE --- CHOOSING TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY BY BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO LIFE. Lappé sees America on the edge, with seven of ten of us believing our country is heading in the wrong direction. But it’s too easy to blame the Bush White House, she argues, and challenges Americans to dig deeper: Our very idea of democracy is too weak -- too thin to meet today’s threats. Fortunately, she says, Americans in all walks of life are finding their voices and their power to birth a stronger, more vibrant Living Democracy.

Frances Moore Lappé


Frances Moore Lappé is the author of fifteen books, including the 1971 three-million-copy bestseller, DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET. Her most recent work, DEMOCRACY’S EDGE: CHOOSING TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY BY BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO LIFE, completes a trilogy. which began in 2002 with the 30th anniversary sequel to DIET, written with her daughter, Anna Lappé: HOPE'S EDGE. Then in 2004 she published with Jeffrey Perkins YOU HAVE THE POWER: CHOOSING COURAGE IN A CULTURE OF FEAR. Currently Lappé and her daughter Anna lead the Small Planet Institute [link to] based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In 1975, with Joseph Collins she launched the California-based Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) to educate Americans about the causes of world hunger. In 1990, Lappé co-founded the Center for Living Democracy, a ten-year initiative to accelerate the spread of democratic innovations in which regular citizens contribute to problem solving. She served as founding editor of the Center’s American News Service (1995-2000), which placed stories of citizen problem solving in nearly half the nation’s largest newspapers.

Among Lappé's other books are WORLD HUNGER: TWELVE MYTHS and REDISCOVERING AMERICA'S VALUES. She has received 17 honorary doctorates from distinguished institutions, including the University of Michigan, Kenyon College, Allegheny College, and Lewis and Clark College. In 1987 in Sweden, Lappé became the fourth American to receive the Right Livelihood Award. In 2003 she received the Rachel Carson Award from the National Nutritional Foods Association.

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