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There is an important national debate raging about the place for God and faith in America. From the rise to political power of the Christian right to the separation of church and state, to the changing role of religion in the public square. Of particular concern to many on both sides of the church and state divide are judges. Controversy rages over proper role of judges and the best mode of selection of the men and women of the bench. NOW went in-depth on these issues in interviews with journalist and author Chris Hedges and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore. Hedges has reported extensively on the rise of the religious right, which he has called "a force working with our democracy to destroy it." Moore, who was removed for refusing to move a granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the state Supreme Court building, discusses his view that God is the moral source of America's law.

Make use of NOW's coverage of the role of religion in American political life to get the facts, explore opinions and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

Democracy Tools
DEBATE: Inside the battles lines of the separation of church and state debate. Delve into the history with Thomas Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists. Debate the Bush administration's Faith-Based Initiative program.
White lily
FACTS AND FIGURES: What are the fastest-growing faiths in America? The Courts have spoken (at least for now) on vouchers and the Pledge of Allegiance, but Locke v. Davey has set the rules on funding for religious training. Brush up on the issues at hand.
Statue of Justice
RESOURCE MAPS: Courts are playing a major role in defining the relationship between church and state. Find out what your state courts are up to. Check in on how your state representatives are using faith-based initiative funds.
Children saying the pledge
FEATURES: Take a Freedom of Religion quiz. Explore the fight over evolution. Meet the compassionate conservatives and the Christian left. Or learn more about the Social Gospel.

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